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Teachers and Guns

Rob over at Say Anything has an interesting question posted:

That’s the rather interesting question from The Christian Science Monitor which has an article up about a teacher in Medford, Oregon, who wants to bring her Glock 9mm to school with her and is filing a lawsuit so she can do just that.

This is an issue that usually comes up after school shootings (Virginia Tech, etc.), and I am generally in favor of teachers bringing guns to school.  That being said, I’ve got something of a nuanced position on this one in that I don’t think people have a right to bring their guns to work.

I think that teachers do have a right to bring their guns to school.  It is not a matter of private property right, as Rob asserts, because the school is a government facility.  As such, we the people are the owners.  I believe her right to self defense trumps the rights of the administration to keep things “neat and tidy”

What say you?


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Bill Clinton: ‘I Do Not Agree with Our Policy in Iraq’

Former President Bill Clinton stopped in the metro area Monday to discuss the state of the world with Aurora business leaders and also pick up some campaign cash for wife Hillary later in the day at a Boulder fundraiser.

Clinton made only one overt reference to her presidential campaign during his talk to a crowd of about 2,500 at the annual luncheon of the Aurora Economic Development Council, held in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center, saying he hoped not to “cost her any votes” with his commentary.

And, he directed no criticism at the current occupant of the White House, but did give negative reviews to the central theme of President George Bush’s presidency – the global fight against terror and, specifically, the war in Iraq.

“I do not agree with our policy in Iraq, but I would be prepared to double down in Afghanistan, “ Clinton said, “because you have a moderate Muslim democracy, and they don’t want the Taliban back, and you don’t want al-Qaeda being able to run around, there,” said Clinton.


Oh.My.God Will you just SHUT UP AND GO AWAY ALREADY!?!!?

DUDE. Seriously. Did you forget already about THIS little nugget??

You and Carter. It’s bad enough I had to live through YOUR Presidency, I was lucky enough to escape Carter (I was born Nov 1976)
What is it with you two that you feel that you have to run your mouth about what happens in this Administration?
Get a clue.
We didn’t like to hear from you when you were in the Oval Office and I sure as crap don’t want to hear your whiny bitchiness NOW.

End of rant. Sorry guys.
PMS + having to see/hear Bill Clinton = a very pissy Severa)


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When Hypocrisy is a Good Thing

In a piece at the American Thinker Selwyn Duke discusses the Left’s salivating when those advocating conservative principles are caught not living them. In this case Rev. Haggard and Sen. Craig. To the Left, the worst sin is ‘hypocrisy’, living immorally while not advocating such publicly.

What is interesting about our time, though, is that these men are castigated not because they have been living an immoral lifestyle but because they have been living an immoral lifestyle without also sanctioning that immoral lifestyle.

They weren’t preaching what they were practicing.

“It’s ironic, but anyone who can truly practice what he preaches isn’t practicing anything worth preaching.”

I thought that quote was worth the time spent reading the article alone. Selwyn Duke concludes:

Yes, they might have fallen from grace in a shameful way, hurting their families, party and/or cause.  They may be light years away from Heaven and a heartbeat from Hell, but your greatest sin cannot be laid at their feet.  That is, such people don’t aggressively push libertine values to create latitude for vice.  They don’t seek to transform their nation into a toxic wasteland just so they can feel (because, above all else, leftists just have to feel good) better about themselves.  Their secretiveness is their saving grace, in that they limit their battle to the confines of their minds and souls.  Theirs is an internal battle against personal corruption, not an external one for the public variety.  They leave the rest of the world unmolested.

So perhaps, just maybe, they’re the worst thing they could be: Hypocrites.  But they’re still better than you.

I’d heard Rush Limbaugh say something similar about the Left and hypocrisy a couple of weeks ago.  But Duke really spells it out.


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Tuesday News Bytes

Good morning gang.  Sorry for the absence the past few days.  My wife and daughters came back from their France trip on Thursday afternoon, so I was in DC for a good part of the day.  One of our vans picking up the team had a wreck on I-66 on the way out, so that caused another 2 hour delay on an already worn out group.

Friday was spent preparing for and teaching a new class for our home school co-op.  This year a friend and I are filling young skulls full of mush with the concept of worldview and how to understand current events.  This is a class of middle and high school kids where we will first learn what a worldview is, why it is important that you understand yours, and how one is formed.  Then we’ll build a defense for a Christian worldview (this is a Christian group).  We will spend the rest of the year looking at current events (I’m so happy this is an election cycle) and using what we’ve learned about our own worldview and that of the reporters, analyze the news and stories with an eye on getting to the truth.  I think its going to be a blast, and the kids seem very enthusiastic about it.

Saturday, I took a group of guys down the mighty Gauley River in West Virginia.  It is my 3rd time doing this river, but it is always a challenge.  Big water, technical execution and very chilly conditions make for a great day of white water.

Yesterday was a typical Monday in that everyone wanted everything yesterday.  So finally I have a minute to breathe and catch up on some blogging.  Thanks to the crew for keeping the ship afloat.