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calendar   Friday - November 17, 2006

Safe Sex


In today’s litigious society, you never know where the next lawsuit may come from, especially with all the rules of contact between the genders getting more and more obscure every day. Does “No” mean “Yes”? Does “Yes” mean “OK for right now but I may change my mind later”? What’s a guy to do?

Well, we have the solution. Just printout several copies of the document below and keep them handy when you go out tonight. Oh - and be sure to take along a pen. It probably wouldn’t hurt to hang out at a bar where a notary is handy to certify the agreement after it has been duly signed.

You might want to pack along a condom or three as a means of secondary protection - but be sure to keep this primary protection handy. Got that? After all, most STD’s can be cured with drugs but there is no known cure for lawyers and cops and psycho women from hell. Trust me.

For further instructions and a real-life dramatization of how to use the form below click on this link. You can thank me in the morning ....



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Will Britain Bail Out?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, pressure is mounting on Tony Blair to bail out of Iraq, leaving the US to pretty much go it alone. I would really like to hear from our British readers here what they think the general opinion is over there. I have a sad feeling that the stories are true and when Tony Blair steps down in May of next year things are going to take a sudden turn for the worst as far as support from our major ally in the war on terror.

That ought to fit in nicely with the Democrats’ stated policy here in the US to begin withdrawal of US troops from Iraq about the same time. If this all falls out like it seems to be heading, next summer will be a really bad time to be in Iraq. The undeniable truth is that if the Democrats in the US and the Liberals in Britain have their way we can expect full-blown civil war and (you heard it here first) invasion of Iraq by Iran. At which point things will start to go down the toilet real fast in the Muddled East ....

Bob Englehart - The Hartford Courant

Britain Must Not Retreat From Iraq
- by Nile Gardiner
(HUMAN EVENTS) - Nov 16, 2006

British Prime Minister Tony Blair gives evidence this week to the Iraq Study Group amid mounting calls for a withdrawal of British forces and sagging public support for the war. An early withdrawal of British forces would boost al-Qaeda, risk civil war in Iraq, and severely strain the Anglo-U.S. relationship, to the detriment of the war on terrorism and global security. While the Prime Minister is right to reject calls for a British withdrawal from Iraq, his decision to increase ties with Iran and Syria is a serious strategic error that would do no more than embolden these rogue regimes.

British support for a withdrawal from Iraq is mounting. In the latest Guardian/ICM poll, 61 percent of British voters supported the exit of British troops from Iraq by the end of the year, with 45 percent backing an immediate withdrawal. Just 30 percent of those surveyed favored maintaining a British military presence in Iraq beyond 2006. In a YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph, a staggering 77 percent of Britons surveyed expressed “not much confidence” or “no confidence at all” in the British government’s handling of the war in Iraq.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair visits coalition forces at Zubayr, Iraq

In addition to public disillusionment, Downing Street faces rising political opposition to the Prime Minister’s Iraq policy and increasingly vocal dissent from within Britain’s overstretched armed forces. The government narrowly prevailed in a recent vote in the House of Commons calling for an inquiry into Britain’s handling of the Iraq war that was proposed by the anti-war Scottish and Welsh nationalist parties and backed by the Conservative Party. And Sir Richard Dannatt, the new Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, sent shockwaves through the British political establishment in October, with a controversial and remarkably frank interview in which he stated that the presence of British troops was “exacerbating the security problems” in Iraq. Dannatt linked the Iraq war to “Islamist violence” in Britain, criticized pre-war planning, and expressed his hope that British troops would leave Iraq “soon.”

The Prime Minister is right to reject pressure for an immediate withdrawal. In a major speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in the City of London on November 13, he presented a powerful defense of the British commitment to the Iraqi people. Blair also challenged the fashionable and increasingly pervasive anti-Americanism in Britain, describing it as “the surest route to the destruction of our national interest” and reminding his audience of the need “to keep our partnership with America strong.”

An early withdrawal of the 7,200 British forces from Iraq would be a huge mistake. A British pullout would shatter the international coalition, greatly weaken America’s position in the center and north of the country, strengthen the insurgency, embolden al-Qaeda, and allow Iran-backed militia groups to increase their influence in the Shia-dominated south. In addition to threatening Iraq’s future, a pullout would also damage the Anglo-U.S. alliance that has led the war on terrorism.

A British pullout from Iraq would lead to specific consequences:

- More ...


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Barking Moonbat Of The Week

Moron. Stupid freaking moron. Leave it to the leading Leftist blogger to prove just how insane Liberals are. Raise hell and claim Diebold voting machines in Florida were rigged and demand a recount, solicit money from readers to help finance the lawsuit - then confess in the small print at the bottom that the voting machines used were made by ES&S, a Diebold competitor. This week’s award is well-deserved. Eat my shorts, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga ...

Black Box activists—now’s your time to put up
by kos
Wed Nov 15, 2006 at 08:57:16 AM PST

imageimageDown in Florida, an epic battle is brewing over the electronic Diebold voting machines that ate 18,000 votes for Democrat Christine Jennings in FL-13 and cost her the election.

Not only is an expensive recount in the cards, but campaign and DCCC lawyers are flocking down, demanding the state freeze the machines for inspection.

These are the opening salvos in what will be the battle to end Diebold.

But only 36 people have given via our Blue Majority Act Blue page for the legal battles ahead.

To put it bluntly, to anyone who has ever complained about Diebold, this is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. No more talk needed. No more advocacy needed. This is a real-world, legal frontal assault on those electronic voting machines.

If we win this battle, you’ll be able to kiss Diebold goodbye.

Update: No one will confirm, but word is that the DCCC and the Jennings campaign are considering suing for a brand new election.

Update II: Machines in FL-13 were made by ES&S. Same difference.


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Suicide Bombers

They haven’t even made it to Washington yet to be sworn in and already the Donks are turning into suicide bombers, ripping themselves apart without any help from anyone. Michael Reagan explains in this week’s editorial ....

Democrats’ Suicide Impulse Emerging
- by Michael Reagan

image imageJust days after winning control of the House and Senate, Democrats have stopped gloating over their victory long enough to turn on each other in a spasm of self-destructive behavior.

To start their triumphant march towards January, when they will assume actual control over the House, Democrats handed Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi a humiliating defeat in her first effort to assert her control of her party.

By a vote of 140 to 86, they rejected her hand-picked candidate to be Majority Leader, the ethically challenged John Murtha, and elected her current number-two man in the leadership, Steny Hoyer, with whom she has anything but a cordial relationship.

Some of her apologists whisper that she really didn’t mean it when she sent a letter to the Democrat House membership giving Murtha a ringing endorsement, or when she made a speech nominating him for the post, or when she directly intervened by urging Democratic freshmen—all of whom are dependent on her for key committee assignments—to vote for Murtha. She was just going through the motions for a long-time ally, they insist.

That alibi loses steam when you consider the fact that she made those endorsements as the Speaker-to-be, not as San Fran Nan, the darling of Haight-Ashbury and fanatic liberals everywhere else. She put her prestige on line in her very first attempt to assert her leadership in the Democratic caucus, and she got slapped in the face for her pains.

Larry Wright - The Detroit News

This, however, was merely one of a number of instances of Nancy Pelosi driving the leadership bus over her colleagues. Her attempt to settle old scores by throwing Steny Hoyer under the bus was only one of her vindictive acts. The fact that he got up, brushed himself off and climbed aboard as her co-pilot does nothing to free her from the consequences of her attempt to crush him.

It will come back to haunt her whenever she tries to push through some hare-brained piece of far-Left legislation and finds herself facing strident opposition from the moderates and Blue Dog Democrats emboldened by having given Hoyer a nearly two-to-one victory over her pet candidate.

Another of her hit-and-run victims is Jane Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and obvious candidate for the committee Chairwomanship. Harman is not Pelosi’s cup of tea and thus is to be passed over, apparently, in favor of Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Florida Democrat whose principal qualification for the job is that as a federal judge he was once impeached and convicted of bribe-taking by the House and tossed off the bench with even Rep. Pelosi among those finding him guilty.

Pelosi is not alone in the game of cannibalism now rife among Democrats. Sharp-tongued Democratic strategist James Carville stopped castigating Republicans long enough to say his party should dump Howard Dean as DNC chairman because he’s incompetent.

It’s going to be an interesting next two years.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network. Look for Mike’s new book “Twice Adopted.” Order autographed books at Email comments to ©2006 Mike Reagan. If you’re not a paying subscriber to our service, you must contact us to print or web post this column. Mike’s column is distributed exclusively by: Cagle Cartoons, Inc. Cari Dawson Bartley email (800) 696-7561.


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calendar   Thursday - November 16, 2006

Through The Looking Glass


“The Shrine of the Bab”
Haifa, Israel

The Shrine of the Bab, one of Haifa’s most prominent landmarks, is the Faiths second holiest Shrine. It is the resting-place of the Bab, regarded by Baha’is as a messenger of God whose primary mission was to prepare the way for the coming of Bahá’u’lláh. The terraces of the Shrine of the Bab, opened to the public in June 2001, were designed to provide an appropriate setting and approach for pilgrims and visitors to this Baha’i Holy Place.

Because of His challenging teachings, which called for spiritual and moral renewal, the Bab was publicly martyred in 1850. His remains were preserved and concealed for almost 60 years, eventually transferred to the Holy Land, and in 1909 interred in a mausoleum on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The colonnade and golden dome over the mausoleum were completed in 1953. Their design, by a Canadian architect, William Sutherland Maxwell, harmonizes eastern and western proportions and style. The Shrine is a place for quiet prayer and meditation where no ceremonies or religious services are held. A special prayer used by Baha’is when visiting the Shrine, known as the Tablet of Visitation is hung on the wall in both the original Arabic and an English translation.


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Most Hilarious Item Of The Week

Sometimes you just have to wait almost a lifetime for the perfect news story to fall into your lap. This is that story. Read and savor the delicious taste of irony and the strident stench of rejection by one’s own partners in slime.

Dear John .... piss off. Sincerely, Democrats.

Schumer Asks Kerry To Leave

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 (UPI) - U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer appeared to kick Sen. John Kerry out of a Democratic leadership walk in Washington, a reporter who witnessed the event said.

An ABC News reporter said the incident occurred Tuesday outside of the Old Senate Chamber as members of the new Democratic leadership, of which Kerry is not a part, left the chamber en route to the Ohio Clock Corridor to discuss leadership elections, the incoming majority’s agenda and Iraq.

The ABC reporter said Kerry left the room behind Democratic Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.; Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; Caucus Secretary Patty Murray, D-Wash.; and Caucus Vice-Chair Schumer, D-N.Y. However, when Schumer noticed Kerry, D-Mass., walking behind him, he turned and said something to the Massachusetts senator that caused him to stop.

Kerry waited for the Democratic leaders to walk ahead and then ducked between two statues. The ABC reporter speculated that Schumer may have told Kerry to stay clear of the leadership shot.


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Meanwhile ….

Ground, she movin’ under me.
Tidal waves out on the sea.
Sulphur smoke up in the sky.
Pretty soon we learn to fly

Let me hear you, now
I don’t know, I don’t know
where I’m a gonna go
when the volcano blow.

tune  Jimmy Buffett “Volcano” tune

Ahmadinejad Says Iran Ready For Final Nuclear Step (AFP - Nov 16 11:19 AM EST)

Michael Ramirez - Investors Business Daily


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Family Feud

Nancy Pelosi just nominated John Murtha to be Majority Leader but the Congressional Democrats said, “NYET, COMRADE!” by a vote of 149-86.

imageimageHouse Democrats on Thursday chose Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer to be House majority leader over Rep. John Murtha, the choice of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, in line to become speaker. Hoyer was elected on a vote of 149-86.

The balloting marked a personal triumph for him, but also a snub to Pelosi, moments after the rank and file selected her unanimously to become speaker when the House convenes in January.

His margin of victory reflected a pre-election strategy in which he showcased support from moderates, veteran lawmakers in line to become committee chairmen and more than half of the incoming freshman class _ the majority-makers whose victories on Election Day gave the party control of the House.

The intraparty battle had preoccupied Democrats, overshadowing Pelosi’s promotion to speaker - a position that is second in line of succession to the presidency. Many Democrats were dismayed that the family feud had broken out in the first place and objected to heavy pressure placed on longstanding Hoyer supporters.


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Quick Question

Surfacing from the depths for a moment to ask a question. 

Why do I keep reading that this is an “unpopular” war?  Most all the concervatives I know support the war and think we’re doing a bang-up job.  Most of the country is “red”, so who is it that thinks it “unpopular”?  Is this jsut another form of “say something enough times and it becomes true”?

Carry on.


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Has Anyone Seen Elvis Lately?

For those of you who don’t know Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), he’s the little dwarf who looks like a cult leader or some kind of mutant cross between a retarded human and a stalk of celery. As evidence, here is the text of HR. 2977 “Space Preservation Act Of 2001” which Congressman Kucinich introduced to ban weapons systems that, among other things could be used ...

“through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations”

It’s sort of a Congressional tinfoil hat for those who cannot afford tinfoil. Congressman Kucinich is definitely looking out for the conspiracy retards on the Left. These are the same people who believe Elvis is alive and well in Minnesota living in disguise. In a shared condo with Big Foot. And Jimmy Hoffa.

Now, Congressman Kook has decided to pull the plug on Iraq by simply cutting off all funding for the war, possibly leaving our troops to hitchhike their way home on their own. It’s really nothing new. The Democratically controlled Congress pulled the same stunt back in 1973 when they cut off all funds to support South Vietnam and threw the people there to the Commies. Some things never change, do they ...

Kucinich Calls for Cutting Off Iraq War Funds
“That’s the only way we’re going to end this war.”
(KUCINICH.US) - Nov 15, 2006

imageimageCongressman Kucinich called Wednesday for cutting off funding of the Iraq war, as the surest way out of Iraq. His statements were made in an interview by Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman.

“I want to say that there’s one solution here, and it’s not to engage in a debate with the President, who has taken us down a path of disaster in Iraq, but it’s for Congress to assume the full power that it has under the Constitution to cut off funds. We don’t need to keep indulging in this debate about what to do, because as long as we keep temporizing, the situation gets worse in Iraq.

“We have to determine that the time has come to cut off funds. There’s enough money in the pipeline to achieve the orderly withdrawal that Senator McGovern is talking about. But cut off funds, we must. That’s the ultimate power of the Congress, the power of the purse. That’s how we’ll end this war, and that’s the only way we’re going to end this war. We need to shift our direction.”

“We have to take a whole new approach. We’re spending over $400 billion a year, money that’s also needed for healthcare, for education, for job creation, for seniors. We have to take a new look at this. We need to be a strong country, but strength isn’t only military. Strength is also the economic strength of the people, their chance to have good neighborhoods. We spend more money than all the countries of the world put together for the military.

“It’s time for us to start to shift our vision about who we are as a nation, because if we don’t do that—we’re borrowing money right now to wage the war in Iraq. We’re borrowing money from China. We’re not looking at our trade deficit. We’re not looking at conditions, where people are going bankrupt trying to pay their hospital bills. We need to shift our direction, and the direction has to be away from the continued militarization of the United States society.”


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Exit Strategy

It is my considered opinion that John Murtha should be declared mentally incompetent and forced to step down from Congress and institutionalized somewhere quiet and restful. Otherwise, he stands to break a lot of things in the near future. In addition, for some odd reason, Nancy Pelosi has decided to not only defend Murtha but to employ a full-court press to get him appointed majority leader of the House.

While watching all of this unfold, I have the feeling that I am staring down into the abyss ... and the abyss is staring back ... and chuckling. I hate it when that happens. The abyss is not supposed to derive this much satisfaction from mere mortals shaking in our boots. Bad things are going to happen and real soon, I’m afraid. This bodes ill and I hate that even worse because I have no idea what it means to “bode”. Does the abyss know how to bode? Maybe I’ll ask it while I’m here.

In the meantime, Iraqis better go ahead and grab a seat on the next chopper out of town. With Pelosi and Murtha running things in Washington, now is not a good time to bode in Iraq ... or anywhere in the Muddled East ...

Aislin - The Montreal Gazette

Abandoning Iraq
- by Robert Kagan & William Kristol
(WEEKLY STANDARD) - 11/28/2005, Volume 011, Issue 11

Rep. Jack Murtha has had a distinguished congressional career. But his outburst last Thursday was breathtakingly irresponsible. Nowhere in his angry and emotional call for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq did the Pennsylvania Democrat bother to ask, much less answer, the most serious questions his proposal raises. What would be the likely outcome in Iraq if the United States pulled out? Does Murtha actually believe the Iraqi people could fight the al Qaeda terrorists and Saddam Hussein loyalists by themselves once American forces left? He does not say. In fact, he knows perfectly well that the Iraqi people are not yet capable of defending themselves against the monsters in their midst and that, therefore, a U.S. withdrawal would likely lead to carnage on a scale that would dwarf what is now occurring in Iraq.

But that would be just the beginning. If U.S. troops were withdrawn and the Iraqi people were not able to defeat the terrorists and Saddam loyalists, what would happen? What if Zarqawi and his al Qaeda allies were able to make common cause with the Baathists to turn Iraq into a terrorist state or to provide a haven for terrorists, complete with an oil supply to finance their global activities? And what of Iraq’s neighbors, which include Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia? They would likely decide that they could not afford to let a vacuum develop in Iraq or allow their adversaries to establish a base there. All these nations would contemplate military intervention in Iraq, directly or indirectly through the arming of allies. The possibility of a regional conflict erupting among any or all of these powers could not be excluded. Is this is a tolerable outcome for the United States?

In fact, Murtha does seem to be aware of the disasters that are almost certain to follow the immediate withdrawal he demands. He calls for the creation of “a quick reaction force in the region.” He calls for “an over-the-horizon presence of Marines.” And he calls for the United States “to diplomatically pursue security and stability in Iraq.” We have too much respect for Murtha to believe that he seriously imagines we would be able through diplomacy alone to bring “security and stability” to Iraq. But the question is, when the inevitable disaster unfolded as a result of his proposed withdrawal, what would be his plan for the “quick reaction force” and “over-the-horizon presence” of the Marines? It seems he would have us withdraw our forces, hand a monumental moral, political, and military victory to the terrorists in Iraq and all over the world--only to take us back into war when the inevitable disaster began to unfold.

Murtha, of course, claims that the U.S. occupation is the primary problem in Iraq and that “our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency. They are united against U.S. forces, and we have become a catalyst for violence.” This is nonsense. For many months now, the insurgents have been shifting their attacks away from U.S. and coalition forces and directing them at Iraqis instead. Iraqis now make up the overwhelming majority of casualties resulting from insurgent attacks. This shift is evidence not only of the effectiveness of our protective measures, but also of the growing vitality of the Iraqi political process, which the insurgents, according to their own statements, fear and hate more than the U.S. military presence. As for the rise in the number of “incidents” against U.S. forces to which Murtha points, those numbers do not distinguish between incidents initiated by insurgents and those initiated by Americans. Recent U.S. operations have generated a large number of incidents, indeed--almost all of them supporting the coalition’s goals and harming the insurgents.

We do not pretend that all is well in Iraq, although things are starting to look a bit better. We agree with Murtha, and have written repeatedly, that the military is stretched thin and needs to be increased. The congressman, however, is in a position to do something about that. We, for one, would support any legislation he offered to increase the size of the Army and the military budget in this time of war.

In 1946, George Orwell remarked that “the quickest way of ending a war is to lose it, and if one finds the prospect of a long war intolerable, it is natural to disbelieve in the possibility of victory."Victory is in fact possible, though it will require a longer war than anyone would like, but not so long a war as to be intolerable. What would be intolerable would be to lose to the terrorists in Iraq. Immediate withdrawal from Iraq is a prescription for catastrophe. Far from extricating ourselves from a crisis, we would have driven ourselves into an even deeper crisis. It is no favor to the members of the armed forces who have served or are serving in Iraq to declare now that all their efforts and sacrifices are in vain. The way to honor their sacrifices is by winning.


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The Diebold Conspiracy

Whew! That was a close one. We certainly dodged a major bullet in the recent election, didn’t we? Of course I’m referring to the hackers who were going to break into the Diebold voting machines as well as Hugo Chavez who also planned to tinker with the boxes to steal the election from Democrats ... AGAIN!

Is it just me or does anyone else smell a rat? A DemocRAT? The lamestream media and practically every talking head in the Democratic party has been spewing one conspiracy theory after another for months now about how the Diebold voting machines were going to be hacked and another election would be stolen from the Donks.

So, what happened? The Donks won and ... the tinfoil hat brigade went silent. Whazzup wid dat? If I didn’t know better, I’d say the Donks and their liberal pals in the MSM were merely paving the path for a gazillion lawsuits to contest the election if they lost. There is just way too much tinfoil on the Left nowadays for it not to be a concerted effort to disguise their own sleazy plots to rig elections.

I demand a Congressional investigation. I want to know why the Diebold machines worked so well after all. There’s something fishy going on here and I intend to get to the bottom of it .... after I re-adjust my tinfoil hat, that is ....

Electronic Voting: The Catastrophe that Wasn’t
After election, media silent on left-wing claims of Diebold-Bush conspiracy
(BUSINESS & MEDIA INSTITUTE) - 11/15/2006 2:30:56 PM

imageimageLike claims the U.S. was responsible for 9/11 and Republicans were fixing gas prices, the media promoted the left-wing electronic vote-rigging conspiracy. Now that the votes have been cast and counted, Republicans lost, and the silence of the national media has been deafening.

The idea was that somehow the company Diebold had programmed the machines to let Republicans win. The theory, perpetuated by left-wingers posting on Daily Kos and The Huffington Post and Bev Harris’ book, “Black Box Voting,” was embraced by all three broadcast networks, as well as CNN and MSNBC.

Following Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) defeat in 2004, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann ignored statements by the candidate’s own Ohio attorney about the lack of evidence of “confirmed fraud.” Instead, Olbermann ranted for days about fraud causing the Kerry defeat during his show “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”

Leading up to the 2006 election. Lou Dobbs and Kitty Pilgrim waged a five-month long, two-person war against electronic voting in regular “Democracy at Risk” segments during CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Dobbs fostered mistrust of electronic voting throughout his broadcasts. “When it comes to the federal government, don’t expect much assurance that your electronic vote will be counted accurately. New standards for electronic voting machines may not be ready in fact, for years,” he warned on Oct. 29, 2006.

And on election day 2006, NBC’s Brian Williams said there were complaints of “plain old trickery at the polls.” As Williams tossed the story to reporter Chip Reid, the response came, “Well, most of it, Brian, is electronic voting.”

Ironically, electronic voting went national because of a bipartisan push for election reform after the disastrous 2000 Florida recount. But that bipartisan support for such voting machines turned into allegations and conspiracy theories after the 2004 elections.

Before the 2006 election, news media were buzzing about the dangers of electronic voting, parroting left-wing vote-stealing conspiracies and even warning that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez might sway the results. That story was forgotten almost as soon as the ballots were tallied.

But from 2004 to Nov. 7, 2006, the media dragged the Diebold Corp. – the largest of the four makers of electronic voting machines – through the mud. Some even went so far as to color Diebold as a potential election thief.

“The CEO of the company last year held a fund-raiser for the Republicans, and he said that he believed his job was to make sure that he got every delegate in Ohio voting for George W. Bush,” NBC reporter Tom Costello said of Diebold on Olbermann’s MSNBC show Oct. 20, 2004. “That is the CEO of a company that is making voting machines. You can understand why there’s some mistrust out there.”

Despite CEO Walden O’Dell’s resignation from Diebold in late 2005, the media continued the onslaught. CBS Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian did a story on suspicion of the corporation on Nov. 1, 2006, “Evening News.” “Diebold is the largest supplier of electronic voting machines. The absolute control over the election process that a company like Diebold potentially could have from tabulation to the software that’s inside, to the certification, it’s concerning to people.”

The media interviewed liberal experts critical of Diebold or those who believed elections had been rigged. Bev Harris, author of “Black Box Voting,” was interviewed or mentioned in stories by all five networks. Harris has been lionized by liberals, called “heroine” by the left-wing site and has held a joint press conference with Ralph Nader.

Another expert critical of Diebold was David Dill of Stanford University and founder of He popped up on CBS, CNN and MSNBC. “That person who hacked the machine could be an insider, even a programmer at the company,” said Dill during a discussion about the possibility of hacking Diebold machines on CBS “Evening News.” That was May 1, 2004. What the networks didn’t say is that Dill is listed as a contributor to the liberal Huffington Post blog.

Although it wasn’t a news program, HBO too featured Diebold prominently in a documentary titled “Hacking Democracy” the week before the 2006 election. Meanwhile, on the Oct. 20, 2006, edition of ABC’s “The View,” Rosie O’Donnell accused Diebold of cheating Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) out of the presidency in 2004.

“What was he doing conceding the day after when the votes weren’t all counted and they were cheating with the Diebold machines?” O’Donnell asked. In reality, when election day rolled around there were not many fingers left pointing at Diebold, although ABC News did mention one. Democratic Senate candidate Harold Ford, Jr. worried about “Diebold machines not working” during Nov. 7, 2006 “World News Tonight with Charles Gibson.”

“I guess Diebold has finally been vindicated,” quipped conservative commentator Ann Coulter in her Nov. 8, 2006, column.

- More ...


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The Perils Of Socialized Medicine, Part #2

Think this story is funny? Well, think again, Tonto. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are already spreading rumors that they intend to continue to fight for “universal health care”, i.e. socialized medicine. All for one and one for all. Everybody gets healed. One low price. Step right up and .... kiss the best health care system in the world goodbye.

Admittedly, with the greedy HMO’s, there are problems with the system but we do have the best doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. in the world thanks to a free market economy. As evidenced in Britain and Canada, the first thing that happens when government socializes medicine is the medical professionals disappear and suddenly there is a shortage of doctors and patients have to wait months for an appointment. I kid you not. Ask anyone in Canada.

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary (Britain, Canada, France) that socialized medicine really sucks, Democrats here in the US are still trying to convince us that we need it and they are going to give it to us or die trying. Now would be a good time to stock up on Super Glue™. In addition to gluing teeth back in, you may be able to re-attach severed limbs too ... or you can wait three years for an appointment with a doctor like this poor chap ....

Dentist Shortage Leads Man To Superglue Own Tooth
(DAILY MAIL) - 09:41am on 14th November 2006

imageimageA man fixed his front tooth with superglue after failing to find an NHS dentist. Gordon Cook, 55, has used the bizarre “DIY dentistry” technique on a loose crown for the last three years - with each fresh application of glue lasting around two months.

The father of seven, who was erased from his original dentist’s register after moving to a new home in Tranmere, Merseyside, said he turned to glue after losing hope of finding a dentist. He said: “I tried to find a new dentist but they had all gone private.

“A lot of them said they would take me on as an NHS patient, but only if I agreed to have the loose crown fixed as a private patient, which would cost around £100. “In the end, I just decided to take matters into my own hands. I had read somewhere that super glue was invented for medical use, to bond skin, so I gave it a go.

“I tried a few different brands but the one I use now, which is just called Industrial Super Glue, is the best. “You can’t really taste it but you do have to be careful not to use too much, in case you glue your mouth shut.”

Mr Cook, a security manager, has now found an NHS dentist and hopes to have the crown fixed professionally. Councillor Chris Blakeley, chairman of Wirral Council’s social care and health overview and scrutiny committee, said: “Mr Cook’s solution was rather extreme but he is not alone when it comes to dentistry horror stories.

“People are finding it extremely difficult to find an NHS dentist, and we are currently gathering evidence to assess the scale of the problem, which is not unique to this area.”


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calendar   Wednesday - November 15, 2006

Through The Looking Glass


“Don’t Look Down”

Red Sea (Nov. 3, 2006) Explosive Ordnance Disposal 1st Class Christopher Courtney assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Six (EODMU-6), Det. 16 assist his team members during Special Purpose Insertion Extraction (SPIE) training from an SH-60 helicopter. The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) is deployed in support of Maritime Security Operations (MSO) and the global war on terrorism.

-- U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Miguel Angel Contreras


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