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Vent This!

See the house in the pictures below? See the lovely cactus design of the vents? What, you don’t think it looks like a cactus? Of course it is! I’d say it is probably a Saguaro cactus. Still don’t believe me? Well ... what do you think it looks like? Of course you all know this is leading up to a rip-snorting, hilarious story about two neighbors and a study in architectural design. Mheh-heh-he-he-he .....



Click “Continue Reading” for the story behind the vents on this house.

See More Below The Fold


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Not So Fast, Tonto

It’s Friday, at last! It has been a rough week for all and it’s past time for the weekend. Michael Reagan gives you some food for thought as you prepare to wind this week down. Michael doesn’t think the GOP is in as bad a shape as the Donks think. He also thinks the tables are about to turn on the Democrats and the Party Of Evil™ is going to have a rude awakening on November 7. Rush Limbaugh agrees. So do I. Mheh-heh-he ...

Daryl Cagle -

imageimageAll’s Not Lost for the GOP
- by Michael Reagan

The chattering class has been all agog over so-called generic polls showing Democrats will give GOP members of Congress a royal beating in the November elections - and this was before the so-called revelations about Mark Foley’s shenanigans, which sent them into a state of sheer ecstasy.

As heartening as this may be to the Liberals and their media lackeys, neither of these apparently GOP-unfriendly harmful revelations are going to be the main determinants on November 7.

What really matters in most of the 435 House races is the enormous advantage House members have in the simple fact that they are incumbents. And they are all beneficiaries of what I call the incumbent protection act.

According to a study, “Redistricting and Incumbent Protection in 2001-2002,” by the Voting and Democracy Research Center, elections to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 were dramatically less competitive than elections after the last round of redistricting in 1991-1992:

“In 2002 fewer than one in ten races were won by less than 10% and fewer than one five races were won by less than 20%—less than half of the number of races won by those margins in 1992. Only four incumbents were defeated by non-incumbent challengers, the fewest number in history, and the average victory margin was nearly 40%. Our 2003 Dubious Democracy report has additional data quantifying this alarming state of affairs.”

Their conclusion: “This lack of competition in a post-redistricting election makes it quite possible that House elections toward the end of the decade will be less competitive than any in history.”

Democrats and Republican incumbents have schemed together to create districts for themselves that all but guarantee the members can hang around Capitol Hill for as long as they want. And the voters back home will oblige them.

The old adage that “all politics is local” holds true for members of Congress. In other words, local politics plays a major role in a congressional election. Only rarely do national issues overshadow local issues. That’s another shield that protects incumbents from the national winds of change.

As far as what they are now calling “Foleygate” damaging the re-election chances of individual Republican members of Congress, the fact is that the effect will be negligible to zero. Moreover, the Democrats, by jumping feet-first into the scandal may suddenly discover that they will be the ones who get hurt.

Take Nancy Pelosi as an example. She brazenly accuses the House GOP leadership of failing to protect “the children,” implying that they willingly exposed pages to being sexually molested by Mark Foley.

What hypocrisy! This is the same Nancy Pelosi who wants Boy Scouts to be exposed to homosexual scoutmasters. Does she really think the voters are going to let her and her party get away with this outrage?

Moreover, there are investigations now in progress by the FBI and the House Ethics Committee that are going to turn over the rocks and uncover the complicity of at least some top Democrats - and a whole slew of sleazy operatives working on their behalf - in what was a conspiracy that kept the sordid charges against Foley undercover until they could be used as a last-minute assault on the House GOP.

The real cover-up was theirs.

Finally, if Rush Limbaugh is right - and I think he is - the reaction to this sleazy Democrat plot by the Republican’s conservative base is not anger at Speaker Hastert and his colleagues but instead, at the Democrats, who will pay the price on November 7.

They’ve got it coming.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of the late President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network. Look for Mike’s new book “Twice Adopted”. Order autographed books at E-mail comments to ©2006 Mike Reagan. If you’re not a paying subscriber to our service, you must contact us to print or web post this column. Mike’s column is distributed exclusively by: Cagle Cartoons, Inc. Cari Dawson Bartley email


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California Court Slaps Homosexuals

It looks like another setback for the homosexuals in Kalifornia. An appeals court yesterday decided that when the majority of citizens vote to deny marriage rights to homosexuals, the courts have to abide by the wishes of the people. Isn’t that an interesting concept? Voters deciding issues? What is the world coming to when a radical minority can’t override the citizens of a state in court?

Of course the story below wouldn’t be near complete without the obligatory last two paragraphs in which the homosexuals cry “foul” and raise the race card. They are convinced that Kalifornia will soon be putting up signs in rest rooms saying “Heterosexuals Only” and forcing homosexuals to ride in the back of the bus. In their mind, anyone who doesn’t bow to their wishes and give them anything they want is a certified homophobe ... and probably racist to boot. And they acuse us heterosexuals of being “intolerant”? Go figure ....

imageimageCourt Backs California Ban On
Same-Sex Marriages

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Thu Oct 5, 2006 8:13pm ET

A California appeals court upheld the state’s ban on same-sex marriage on Thursday, reversing a lower court’s judgment against a voter-approved law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

“The Legislature and the voters of this state have determined that ‘marriage’ in California is an institution reserved for opposite-sex couples, and it makes no difference whether we agree with their reasoning,” the California Court of Appeal held.

“We may not strike down a law simply because we think it unwise or because we believe there is a fairer way of dealing with the problem,” it said in a majority opinion written by Justice William McGuiness. The decision stalls, at least temporarily, efforts to overturn California’s ban on gay marriage. But gay activists said they will appeal to the California Supreme Court.

Jon Davidson of the gay rights group Lambda Legal said the California law was unfair, and legal analysts expect lawsuits over same-sex marriage will continue for years across the United States. “This violates a fundamental right that all people have in California, which is to marry a person of their choice,” Davidson said.

The appeals court reversed a lower court, which had overturned California’s ban on gay nuptials in a lawsuit triggered by the marriage licenses San Francisco briefly issued to same-sex couples in 2004. “Courts in this state simply do not have authority to redefine marriage,” the appeals court said.It said a voter initiative or legislation would be required to legalize same-sex marriage.

California’s Democrat-led legislature last year passed a bill to make same-sex marriages legal, making it the first in the country to do so, but Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill. The governor has said voters or courts should decide whether the state’s marriage law should be altered. Voters approved a law defining marriage as the union of a man and woman in 2000.

In its ruling Thursday, the court noted gay couples in California have rights comparable to married heterosexuals thanks to domestic partnership laws. But gay rights activists said comparable rights are not equal rights, and, citing Justice J. Anthony Kline’s dissent, they said the majority carved out an unconstitutional “separate but equal” standard for gays by supporting domestic partnerships, which Kline compared to laws enforcing racial segregation.

The domestic partnership act is “a form of pseudomarriage that stigmatizes homosexual unions in much the same way ‘separate but equal’ public schools stigmatized black students,” Kline said. “Like separate educational facilities, domestic partnership and marriage are ‘inherently unequal,’” he said.


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A Comedy Of Errors

I am having trouble deciding who is the bigger fool in this drama: (1) Mary Lacey, the Colorado prosecutor who dropped the ball on the Jon Benet Ramsey murder from the very beginning, (2) the California prosecutors who lost the evidence against this pedophile, (3) the US government for flying him back to the US in First Class at taxpayer expense to face charges, (4) John Mark Karr himself, who ran away to Thailand to get a sex change, ended up in a Thai jail and finally is set free in California, or (5) the mainstream media hyenas who went berserk over this non-story and turned it into a three-ring circus.

My money is on all five for being complete idiots, none of whom obviously have the intelligence of a dim-witted rock. So as our story ends for the time being, the summary is that the pedophile got a free ride home and a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card for Thailand, Colorado and California - and didn’t have to spend a cent. I leave it to the Bard of Avon to summarize this comedy and ring down the curtain ....

“They say this town is full of cozenage,
As nimble jugglers that deceive the eye,
Dark-working sorcerers that change the mind,
Soul-killing witches that deform the body,
Disguised cheaters, prating mountebanks,
And many such-like liberties of sin:”

William Shakespeare, “A Comedy Of Errors” (Act 1, scene 2)

imageimageCalifornia Judge Dismisses Child Porn
Charges Against John Mark Karr

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) - Thursday, October 05, 2006

A judge dismissed child pornography charges Thursday against former JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr after prosecutors said they didn’t have enough evidence to take the case to trial.

Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Rene Chouteau ordered Karr released immediately, bringing an end to his two-month odyssey in the U.S. criminal justice system after he was extradited from Thailand on suspicion of killing the six-year-old beauty queen.

Karr, 41, was returned to California last month to face the five-year-old pornography case after DNA evidence cleared him of killing the girl in her Boulder, Colo., home in 1996.

But the child-porn case had been riddled with problems since court proceedings began. Prosecutors last week revealed the computer on which Karr was alleged to have stored pornographic images in 2001 had been lost. The court allowed the case to proceed after prosecutors said they had recovered a back-up hard drive containing the key evidence.

But on Wednesday prosecutors acknowledged they could not prove that Karr had actually used the computer in the year before it was seized from his home following testimony from his ex-wife. The pornography case fell apart almost as quickly, as investigators admitted losing vital computer evidence that was seized from Karr in April 2001 when he was working as a substitute teacher in Sonoma and Napa counties.

Defence lawyers tried twice unsuccessfully to get the charges dismissed and were seeking to have evidence barred from trial when prosecutors gave up. “The impression that we’ve had all along is that the prosecution had every intention of getting this case to trial, regardless of the evidence,” said defence lawyer Robert Amparan. “I am pleasantly surprised by them having done the right thing.”


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calendar   Thursday - October 05, 2006

Through The Looking Glass


“The Big House”

-by- Jon Sullivan
(Click image for larger 1024x768 in popup)


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Honor Killing In Britain

“Republicans want to protect us from radical Muslims. Democrats want to protect us from Republican perverts. Who are you gonna vote for?”—So said one of our readers here in the past few days. That thought has stuck in my mind and it erupted into this post when I happened to pick this story up on the wire from the BBC.

It occurred to me that in this case below and in the Mark Foley case we have children being harmed. In the case of the young men in the story below, it involves a normal dating scenario between two people whose relatives didn’t approve and an act to avenge “honor” that ended up murdering a 6-year-old in a fiery blaze. Not to put too fine a point on it but the names of the perps have a certain middle eastern sound to them.

Now Congressman Foley has resigned from Congress and gone into hiding, reputation and career destroyed and under possible criminal investigation. Why? For sending lewd messages to a 17-year-old Congressional Page. No, he didn’t bugger the kid (as far as we know) and he sure as hell didn’t set fire to the young man’s sister (as far as we know). I’m not defending Foley, who is a pedophile by any measure. I’m just saying we need to look at things with an eye toward deciding where the worst danger lies.

We can vote Congressional perverts out of office (unless they’re Democrats, then they just hang around like a bad case of psoriasis). What are we going to do about Muslims like the group in this story who insist on living in the 7th century even after they immigrate to Western countries? The Democrats here in the US and the Labour Party in Britain would have us practice tolerance of these savages to the point of letting them live on welfare while they practice intolerance of us in return and take up hobbies like flying airplanes into buildings.

The point I’m trying to make is that we need to ignore the partisan political distractions being foisted off on us by Democrats and Liberals everywhere. Who do you want looking out for your safety - the politician (Democrat) whose main concern is the instant messaging of another politician ... or the politician (Republican) who is trying to seriously concentrate on radical terrorists who are trying to kill us all in the name of a barbaric religion that practices “honor killings”, “jihad”, “beheadings”, “random violence” and “intolerance of other religions”?

There is no place in Western civilization for people like the young men in the story below. Quite simply, they just need to go back to whatever pesthole they came from. Not that that is going to bring 6-year-old Alisha Begum back to life ... but that’s the price you pay when you trust the wrong people to protect you. Sweet dreams, Alisha - it’s all over now. Rest with God.

imageimageMan Guilty Of Girl’s Fire Death
(BBC) - Thursday, 5 October 2006, 17:23 GMT 18:23 UK

A teenager has been found guilty of killing a six-year-old girl who died in a fire at her home in Birmingham. Alisha Begum died after Daryll Tuzzio, 18, started the blaze in an “honour” killing plot against her brother. Tuzzio, of Sandringham Road, Perry Barr, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter and arson. Hussain Ahmed, 26, of Harborne, said to have planned the fire in March because of a relationship his sister was having with Alisha’s brother, was acquitted.

A two-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court heard that Alisha’s brother Abdul Hamid, 21, had begun a relationship with 15-year-old Meherun Khanum, who is Mr Ahmed’s sister. Prosecutors claimed that Mr Ahmed, who was friends with Tuzzio, had orchestrated the attack because he disapproved of the relationship. Det Sgt Stuart Kidd, of West Midlands Police, said after the conviction: “Much has been said and made of so called honour in the circumstances surrounding this case.

“Any right thinking person will find no honour in what has occurred - only grief, tragedy and shame. There are no winners here.” Mr Ahmed’s brother Mohammed Foaz Ahmed and a close friend Jabed Ali, who are thought to have fled to Bangladesh, are still being hunted by police in connection with the arson attack. Abdul Mumin, Alisha’s brother, said the girl had died “a horrible death she didn’t deserve”.

“Alisha was six years old and was a nice young cheerful bubbly girl. She had her whole life ahead of her. She was always smiling and making us laugh. We have been totally devastated by her death and traumatised by what has happened.” He said the relationship between Abdul Hamid and Meherun Khanum had consisted of a few phone calls and a couple of meetings in public places.

“These people have chosen not to speak to us about the problem they had with the relationship. Instead they and their friends set about trying to kill us and all they succeeded in doing was killing our younger sister.” Shortly before midnight on 9 March a masked figure burst through the front door of the Begum home and sprayed petrol in the hallway before lighting a match, the trial heard.

The flames spread upstairs and family members had to jump from an upstairs window to safety. Alisha, who was in her bunk bed, was found by firefighters and died in hospital the following day.


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Rules Of Engagement



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Barking Moonbat Of The Week

The First Commandment of Islam is obviously ”THOU SHALL KILL THE INFIDEL”. Now we are told that the Second Commandment is ”THOU SHALL NOT SPANK THE MONKEY DURING RAMMA-LAMMA-DING-DONG”.

I’m sure the readers here can help me figure out what the other eight of the TEN COMMANDMENTS OF ISLAM actually are. Try to keep it clean. Hint. Hint.

Leave your proposed commandments in the comments. We will send them to Allah (Bees Pee Upon Him) for approval. In the meantime, read the latest pronouncements from one of the Holy Rollers of the Religion Of Pees ....

imageimageKhameini: Don’t Masturbate During Ramadan
Iran’s supreme leader answers questions on
masturbation and other topics on his website

(YNET NEWS) - October 4, 2006 07:55PM

Deliberate masturbation during the month of Ramadan renders a fast invalid, Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khameini has ruled. Khameini, who is Iran’s most powerful political and religious figure, was asked on his website : “If somebody masturbates during the month of Ramadan but without any discharge, is his fasting invalidated?”

“If he do not intend masturbation and discharging semen and nothing is discharged, his fasting is correct even though he has done a ḥarām (forbidden) act. But, if he intends masturbation or he knows that he usually discharges semen by this process and semen really comes out, it is a ḥaram intentional breaking fasting,” the Iranian leader said, posting the reply on his website.

Another reader asked: “Once in the holy month of Ramadan, I forgot to brush my teeth, and some tiny bits of food remained in my mouth. I swallowed the bits unintentionally. Do I have to perform the qaḍa (repent) for that day’s fast?”

“If you did not know that some bits of food remained between the teeth, or you did not know that they would reach the throat, and they were swallowed unknowingly and unintentionally, then you are not liable to make (repent) of the fast,” said Khameini.

On the website, Khameini also tells Iranians that only jockeys are permitted to gamble on horse races. He is also asked whether it is permissible for a man to marry a woman only in order to be able to live in his wife’s country. “Can a man conclude a marriage contract for a year with a European girl after getting her agreement with the purpose of going to her country?” A reader asked.

“There is no problem in that if they are serious in contracting marriage and it is done with her father’s permission if she is virgin,” Khameini ruled. The Iranian leader also told readers they were allowed to “to drink water while standing” at nights. It was “not permissible” to take part in meetings attended by both men and women, he told another reader.

“In Islam’s view, rulers and governments exist just to serve people and carry out works in the interest of the public and this is what God demands us, as authorities, to fulfill,” Khamenei was quoted Tuesday telling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


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Perverts And Pages

I’ve been waiting for our gal Ann Coulter to weight in on the Foley Affair and I’m happy to say she finally lets fly. The target is Democrats and the double standard we are all used to seeing by now. Mark Foley is a certified creep but at least he had the dignity to fall on his sword and resign from Congress - something Democrats Gerry Studds, Barney Frank and Mel Reynolds refused to do when they were exposed for doing much worse. Follow the links if you have a short memory or just don’t believe it.

My personal opinion is that Congress and government in general just need to do away with the whole concept of Pages and Interns. The jobs are an anachronism and have become nothing more than a bordello for perverted Congressmen and creepy Presidents from Arkansas. For the time being though, read what Ann has to say about the whole mess ...

Michael Ramirez - Investors Business Daily

imageimageWho knew Mark Foley was a closeted Democrat?
(WORLDNET DAILY) - October 4, 2006 6:18 p.m. Eastern

At least liberals are finally exhibiting a moral compass about something. I am sure that they’d be equally outraged if Rep. Mark Foley were a Democrat. The object lesson of Foley’s inappropriate e-mails to male pages is that when a Republican congressman is caught in a sex scandal, he immediately resigns and crawls off into a hole in abject embarrassment. Democrats get snippy.

Foley didn’t claim he was the victim of a “witch hunt.” He didn’t whine that he was a put-upon “gay American.” He didn’t stay in Congress and haughtily rebuke his critics. He didn’t run for re-election. He certainly didn’t claim he was “saving the Constitution.” (Although his recent discovery that he has a drinking problem has a certain Democratic ring to it.)

In 1983, Democratic Rep. Gerry Studds was found to have sexually propositioned House pages and actually buggered a 17-year-old male page whom he took on a trip to Portugal. The 46-year-old Studds indignantly attacked those who criticized him for what he called a “mutually voluntary, private relationship between adults.”

When the House censured Studds for his sex romp with a male page, Studds – not one to be shy about presenting his backside to a large group of men – defiantly turned his back on the House during the vote. He ran for re-election and was happily returned to office five more times by liberal Democratic voters in his Martha’s Vineyard district. (They really liked his campaign slogan: “It’s the outfit, stupid.")

Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy referred to Studds’ affair with a teenage page as “a brief consenting homosexual relationship” and denounced Studds’ detractors for engaging in a “witch hunt” against gays: “New England witch trials belong to the past, or so it is thought. This summer on Cape Cod, the reputation of Rep. Gerry Studds was burned at the stake by a large number of his constituents determined to torch the congressman for his private life.”

Meanwhile, Foley is hiding in a hole someplace.

No one demanded to know why the Democratic speaker of the House, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, took one full decade to figure out that Studds was propositioning male pages. But now, the same Democrats who are incensed that Bush’s National Security Agency was listening in on al-Qaida phone calls are incensed that Republicans were not reading a gay congressman’s instant messages.

Let’s run this past the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals: The suspect sent an inappropriately friendly e-mail to a teenager – oh also, we think he’s gay. Can we spy on his instant messages? On a scale of 1 to 10, what are the odds that any court in the nation would have said: YOU BET! Put a tail on that guy – and a credit check, too!

When Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee found unprotected e-mails from the Democrats about their plan to oppose Miguel Estrada’s judicial nomination because he was Hispanic, Democrats erupted in rage that their e-mails were being read. The Republican staffer responsible was forced to resign.

But Democrats are on their high horses because Republicans in the House did not immediately wiretap Foley’s phones when they found out he was engaging in e-mail chitchat with a former page about what the kid wanted for his birthday.

The Democrats say the Republicans should have done all the things Democrats won’t let us do to al-Qaida – solely because Foley was rumored to be gay. Maybe we could get Democrats to support the NSA wiretapping program if we tell them the terrorists are gay.

- More from Ann at WND ...


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Just In Time For Christmas

For those of you who were constantly being charged extra at Blockbuster for failing to rewind those VHS tapes you rented, there is now a tool to help you stay out of trouble when you rent DVD’s as well. It is only $16.49 at ... and darn well worth every penny. So buy one today for all the retards on your Christmas list. They’ll thank you for it. (via Gizmodo)



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Through The Looking Glass


“Grand Teton National Park”

(click image for larger 1024x768 in popup window)


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imageimageWho Is This Man?

I’m glad you asked. This is Jordan Edmunds. He is 21-years-old. He was once a Congressional page. He was a page until 2002 when he left to start a career. Jordan knows Mark Foley. Quite well.

In fact Jordan is the one who was communicating with Foley via IM with all their sleaze talk that was recently revealed by ABC News. It turns out that the Instant Messages ABC published were actually from 2003 while Jordan was still a minor.

Now for the really weird part .... Jordan Edmund is currently employed as Deputy Campaign Manager for Congressman Ernest Istook (R-OK).

Is this starting to sound really bizarre to you yet?

If you want the whole story you’ll have to go read what Wild Bill at Passionate America blog found out after a lengthy investigation of this whole rotten mess. Put on your sleuthing cap and join in the investigation ....

(--thanks to Jay at StopTheACLU for passing this along --)


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Free Speech Zone?

So we were on a family vacation last week in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  At all of the visitor’s centers, and at some of the major parking areas, I saw this sign:


Huh?  What’s this all about?  There are certain areas in our national parks that are set aside for “First Amendment” activities?  Can someone shed some light on this?

I so wanted to get up on a box at a place not so designated and start proclaiming my views on national current events, but Mrs. Christian and the Christian brood did not think that such a great way to spend our time.  Sadly, I’ll not know the consequense of breaking the free expression zone rules.


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Muslims Harassing Wounded British Soldiers

The latest scandal in Britain involves injured troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and being put into public wards beloning to the NHS (socialized medicine for you Yanks). What this means is that our brave troops wounded in action are being treated in open wards and the Muslim trash who are getting free medical care at the same hospitals are starting to harass the paras lying sick in bed. It has gotten so bad that British troops say they would rather suffer a severe wound so they can be treated at the American hospital at Ramstein AFB in Germany. Does that truly suck or what ... ?

imageimageMuslim Accosts Injured Para In Hospital
(TELEGRAPH - UK) - October 2, 2006

A paratrooper wounded in Afghanistan was threatened by a Muslim visitor to the British hospital where he is recovering. Seriously wounded soldiers have complained that they are worried about their safety after being left on wards that are open to the public at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham.

On one occasion a member of the Parachute Regiment, still dressed in his combat uniform after being evacuated from Afghanistan, was accosted by a Muslim over the British involvement in the country.

“You have been killing my Muslim brothers in Afghanistan,” the man said during a tirade.

Because the soldier was badly injured and could not defend himself, he was very worried for his safety, sources told The Daily Telegraph. A relative of the Para said the man had twice walked on to the ward where two other soldiers and four civilians were being treated without once being challenged by staff.

“It’s not the best way to treat our returning men,” he said. “They are nervous that these guys might attack them and, despite being paratroopers, they cannot defend themselves because of their injuries.” The Ministry of Defence, which said that it had no record of threatening incidents, indicated that there was a military security presence at the hospital and it co-operated closely with local police.

A MoD spokesman said there was “appropriate security” at Selly Oak for the 11 servicemen currently being treated. But Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, called the treatment of wounded troops “an absolute disgrace”.

“They should be in completely separate wings even if this means shutting down entire NHS wards. It is a betrayal of our troops having them treated in mixed and open wards. Those who have been injured on operations must be with those who understand their predicament in a secure environment. The Defence Secretary should be having urgent talks with the Health Secretary to do this otherwise this Government’s commitment to our Armed Forces is nothing but talk.”

There is also resentment among serving troops unhappy about being treated in a NHS hospital that they believe is unsuitable for military patients. Soldiers on operations say they would rather receive a more serious injury and go to the top American military hospital in Ramstein, Germany, than end up in a NHS hospital.

They now half jokingly refer to getting “a Boche rather than a Blighty” in reference to the wounds that would send them home. Ramstein has an outstanding unit for brain surgery, and neurological intensive care beds in Britain are in short supply. “The blokes see it that if you are unlucky you get wounded and go to the UK at the mercy of the NHS, but if you get a head wound you get sent to Ramstein in Germany where the US has an outstanding medical facility,” said an officer serving in Afghanistan.


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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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