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calendar   Tuesday - July 25, 2006

Confirm Bolton!

His nomination as US Ambassador to the United Nations is coming up again this week and it’s time for the Democratic obstructionists and Republican RINO’s to shut up and confirm John Bolton. This partisan nonsense has gone on quite long enough.

John Bolton has done an admirable job during his tenure under an interim appointment. The spoiled brats on the Left and in the Democratic Party had their fun. Now it’s time to let the grownups get on with business. John Bolton gets my vote. Write or e-mail your Senator today and tell him or her to confirm John Bolton. We need a strong hand in the United Nations snake pit now more than ever.

imageimageConfirm John Bolton Now
July 20, 2006

Sen. George Voinovich’s (R.-Ohio) idiotic reasoning that he will now support John Bolton as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations gives Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) a perfect opening to bring up Bolton’s nomination for a confirmation vote.

When President Bush gave Bolton a recess appointment last August, Bolton was coming off a bruising fight in the Senate. Voinovich had surprised Republican colleagues on the Foreign Relations Committee by announcing his reluctance to support Bolton, handing Democrats the momentum they desired to stall the nomination.

Democrat obstructionists succeeded when a cloture vote on Bolton failed. Fortunately, Bush chose to bypass the Senate and appointed Bolton as UN ambassador anyway through a recess appointment. At the same time, Bush renominated Bolton, leaving it up to the Senate to act. For nearly a year, Bolton has waited to be confirmed for the job permanently.

In that time, Bolton has demonstrated his ability to be an effective UN ambassador, championing the much-needed message of reform. He brought a fresh perspective to the United Nations, and the criticism voiced by Voinovich and Democrats—that he didn’t play well with others—has proven to be moot.

Bolton has taken a lead on human rights issues, starting with the structure of the new Human Rights Council. He correctly held the United States out of the new council after U.S. proposals were rejected.

Bolton also deserves credit for his efforts to change the way the UN spends money. Despite resistance from less-developed countries that seek to control the process, the United States must continue pushing for management and personnel reform. Bolton is right to criticize the countries resisting change. As the oil-for-food scandal made apparent, reform is needed.

Bolton also has been a steady force in condemning terrorists and their sympathizers as crises have emerged in North Korea, Iran and Israel. He has done a good job articulating the U.S. position on these rogue regimes.

- More on the story at Human Events Online...


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Not Again!

Sandy Huffaker - CagleCartoons

Memo to Hezbollah: Sorry, but it just won’t wash this time. It’s a tired act and the entire world is tired of it. You freaks are not “victims” of anything but your own ignorance and hatred. As far as we’re concerned, you can go pound sand ...

US Rules Out Talks With Hezbollah
(AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE) - July 24 4:20 PM US/Eastern

The White House rejected the idea of holding negotiations with Hezbollah and urged regional powers to pressure Syria and Iran to cuts its ties with the Lebanese militia. “With whom do you negotiate in Hezbollah? It’s not like they have a secretary of state. It’s not like they have a foreign ministry. It’s a terror organization,” said White House spokesman Tony Snow. “And therefore it is impractical to think that one can negotiate with it.”

Snow said the United States could only hold talks with the government of Lebanon, with meetings underway Monday between Lebanese officials and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Beirut. “Hezbollah bears responsibility for starting this,” White said in reference to the July 12 capture of two Israeli soldiers in a deadly raid on an Israeli base that prompted the military response from the Jewish state.

While the United States supports the idea of a ceasefire, said White, “it’s under the conditions that are going to make it durable and sustainable.” He said Hezbollah’s current action did not point in favor of a ceasefire in the short term. “Apparently, Hezbollah does not intend on a ceasefire,” he said in reference to continued rocket attacks against Israeli targets.

In the face of growing international criticism of the Israeli military campaign, Snow said the United States was also concerned about the humanitarian cost of the war, but again laid blame for the civilian casualties on Hezbollah. “We are concerned about the humanitarian cost of what’s going on, and we think that that is a result of Hezbollah holding as much of the nation as it can as human shields,” Snow said.

He also urged regional powers to use their ties with Syria and Iran to pressure the two nations, which Washington views as state sponsors of terrorism, to end their ties with Hezbollah. Snow said “there are ways” for the United States to deliver its message directly to Syria, but again steered clear of mentioning possible direct negotiations between Washington and Damascus.

My advice to Israel is to avoid accepting a cease-fire at all costs. They will only wait and re-arm. Clear the murdering thugs out of their nest in Lebanon. Push the IDF into Lebanon and wipe them out. Then wheel right and take out Damascus while you’re at it. The world will thank you. Trust me. And while you’re at it, run the other bunch of madmen out of Gaza. We could all use a little peace and quiet.


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And Now For Something Completely Different

Destroy The Web Site

Have you ever run into a web site that made you just want to blow it up and wipe it off the face of the internet? I mean besides DailyKOS and Democratic Underwear? Sure you have.

At one time or another we all read something at a web site that makes us want to go nukular. It could be that news report from Iraq or that comment made by some wanker on a blog site. Sometimes you just want to throw a shoe at the monitor.

Well we have discovered a solution for you that will save your monitor from damage and let you vent your frustrations without actually causing any harm to anyone (or any animals). It’s called Destroy Websites.

Go ahead, give it a try. Type in your most hated website, select the weaponry to deploy and sit back and watch the mayhem. Knowing this crowd here, I predict Democratic Underground will be wiped off the face of the internet in no time flat. I also predict with absolute certainty that you lot will also find a certain amount of pleasure in nuking BMEWS ... just because ...


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calendar   Monday - July 24, 2006

Iraqi Logistics Update

Iraqi Army takes on logistics Monday, 24 July 2006

Story and photo by Staff Sgt. Lucia Newman
Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq

BAGHDAD — The Ministry of Defense has taken over life support functions for more than 80 bases throughout Iraq since April, cutting Coalition expenses by $24 million a month.

The Iraqi government is now responsible for providing food, water, cleaning, supplies, security, maintenance for facilities and equipment, morale items, and clearing of waste products, to name a few, for more than 130,000 Iraqi Soldiers.

Good news indeed. Especially since I posted earlier an article critical of Iraqi logistics.

To fulfill those responsibilities, the MOD planned, funded and executed two contracts for the Army’s life support operations. The contracts will cover support for food and services for the Iraqi security forces.

As a result of them taking on this responsibility, the Iraqi government continues to demonstrate its commitment to achieving logistical independence in their country.

“Taking control of their own life support functions was a huge step toward transitioning them to managing their own battlespace,” said U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Steven Herb, Coalition Military Assistance Transition Team base management superintendent. “This step by MOD showed a partnership with Coalition forces to transition Iraq as soon as possible.”

See More Below The Fold


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Quote Of The Day

“If I was president, this wouldn’t have happened. Bush has been so concentrated on the war in Iraq that other Middle East tension arose as a result.”

-- John F**kface Kerry, during a noon stop at Honest John’s bar and grill in Detroit’s Cass Corridor on June 23, 2006.

John-boy, if you had been President, we’d be in a world of hurt by now, so why don’t you just pay attention to your gigolo duties and leave the real important things to people who actually know what they’re doing, OK pal? Now go trim Teresa’s toenails and STFU.

(I need to talk to Skipper. This “Kerry” category isn’t getting used enough around here.)


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Elephants Memory

imageimageElephants Memory - A Touching Story

In 1986, Mkele Mbembe was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from college. On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air.

The elephant seemed distressed so Mbembe approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee and inspected the elephant’s foot, and found a large thorn deeply embedded in it.

As carefully and as gently as he could, Mbembe worked the thorn out with his hunting knife, after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot.

The elephant turned to face the man and with a rather stern look on its face, stared at him. For several tense moments Mbembe stood frozen, thinking of nothing else but being trampled. Eventually the elephant trumpeted loudly, turned and walked away.

Mbembe never forgot that elephant or the events of that day. Twenty years later he was walking through a zoo with his teenaged son. As they approached the elephant enclosure, one of the creatures turned and walked over to near where Mbembe and his son Tapu were standing.

The large bull elephant stared at Mbembe and lifted its front foot off the ground, then put it down. The elephant did that several times then trumpeted loudly, all the while staring at the man.

Remembering the encounter in 1986, Mbembe couldn’t help wondering if this was the same elephant. Mbembe summoned up his courage, climbed over the railing and made his way into the enclosure. He walked right up to the elephant and stared back in wonder.

Suddenly the elephant trumpeted again, wrapped its trunk around one of Mbembe’s legs and swung him wildly back and forth along the railing, killing him.

Probably wasn’t the same elephant.


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Starving Dictators And A Question

I have a question for you to ponder this morning ....

How can you justify pulling the feeding tube from Terry Schiavo and letting her die a miserable death over a two-week period then one year later turn around and force a feeding tube into a mass-murdering, despicable madman who refuses to eat?

Think about that while you sit there with your bowl of Cheerios this morning. I’ll wait patiently for an answer while you chew ....

imageimageHunger-Striking Saddam
Is Hospitalized

Sunday July 23, 2006 10:01 PM

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Saddam Hussein was hospitalized Sunday and fed with a tube on the 17th day of a hunger strike to ensure he was healthy enough to continue with his trial, the chief prosecutor said. The procedure came as the ex-leader’s troubled trial nears a verdict that could lead to his hanging.

Prosecutor Jaafar al-Moussawi said he learned that Saddam’s health had become “unstable because of the hunger strike’’ during a visit to the U.S.-run prison where the former ruler and his seven fellow defendants are held. “We took him to the hospital, and he is being currently fed by a tube,’’ al-Moussawi told The Associated Press without elaboration.

Al-Moussawi said the feeding tube had stabilized Saddam’s health and the former president would appear in court as scheduled this week. Saddam was not scheduled to appear Monday when the trial resumes after a two-week break, because other defendants are to give their final summations.

It appeared that al-Moussawi had become concerned over the impact of televised pictures of a frail, weakened Saddam appearing in court and decided to check on the ex-president himself since the Americans were continuing to insist that a 69-year-old man’s health was unaffected despite two weeks without food.

The hunger strike was launched to demand better security for the defense team. Three of them have been assassinated since the trial began, most recently Khamis al-Obeidi, who was abducted and slain June 21.

The defense rejected an offer of the same security provided to the judges and prosecution lawyers: residence inside the Green Zone, the fortified Baghdad neighborhood where the court is located. Instead, they wanted bodyguards.

Saddam and the seven others have been on trial since Oct. 19 for the deaths of Shiite Muslims after a crackdown in the town of Dujail, which was launched after an assassination attempt there in 1982. They could receive the death penalty if convicted.

But Saddam’s lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi said none of the defendants or their lawyers would appear Monday unless the court ``meets the minimum requirement ensuring a fair trial for the defendants.’’

Al-Dulaimi told The Associated Press that Saddam was “in high spirits and his health very good’’ despite the hunger strike. U.S. officials had acknowledged that Saddam and three other detainees were refusing food since the evening meal of July 7 but were drinking coffee and sweet tea. The Americans insisted that Saddam was still in good health despite two weeks without food, and that he had been advised by “medical professionals’’ of the dangers of not eating.

A spokesman for the U.S. detention command would not say whether Saddam had been hospitalized but said he was under medical supervision and was “voluntarily’’ taking nutrients through a feeding tube.


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Sign Of The Times?

I first saw this on MSNBC a few nights ago and wondered what would cause someone to put up a sign like that. I didn’t have time to investigate further then so I just mentally filed it away. This morning it popped up on my radar again so I had to go get the whole story.

On one side we have all kinds of outrage coming from various diasbled groups and the media. The problem is there are always more than one side to every story. It turns out the boy referred to in the sign has been physically harassing other neighborhood children and wandering around all over the place.

The sign was probably not the best solution but it appears the neighbors have not been able to convince the parents of the boy to get him under control or get the police to handle it so what recourse do they have? You tell me ...

imageimageFamily Upset About Sign
In Neighbor’s Yard

NEPHI, Utah (KSL-TV) - July 21st, 2006 @ 10:00pm

A cardboard sign is hanging in a tree, directed at a boy with developmental disabilities, and the boy’s mother isn’t happy. Neighbor: “I’m not taking the sign down, last night was the first night of peace we’ve got in a long ----- time.”

Carrie Heaton, Colton’s Mother: “They’ve put up this sign now, that we feel is very discriminatory against my son.” The cardboard sign is hanging in a tree in the Central Utah town of Nephi.

It is also being denounced tonight by advocates for the disabled. The boy’s family noticed the sign pointed at their home on Wednesday night, and tonight it is still there. That’s despite our visit to the neighbors who put it up.

Advocates for the disabled are outraged, calling it insensitive and in the same category as a racial slur. His mother says he is more like a three year old. Carrie Heaton, Nephi Resident: “He looks normal but once you start talking to him, you can see he has these problems and he’s just a loving little guy, he thinks we’re just a great big family.”

But now a cardboard sign is hanging in their neighbor’s tree—spray painted with the words: “Caution-- Retards in Area.” His mother says it is fortunate Colton can’t read the words. As we were filming the sign, we could see the neighbors who put it up were outside, so we approached them for their side of the story.

Sam Penrod, Eyewitness News: “Why did you put that sign up?

Neighbor: “I’ve been harassed for six months, my daughter has been assaulted.”

Sam Penrod, Eyewitness News “By who?”

Neighbor: “The young boy, we got pictures and everything and they would not press charges because he is handicapped.”

The neighbor claims Colton threw a rock at his young daughter. Other neighbors told us they have frequently found Colton wandering onto their property. Fraser Nelson, Executive Director, Disability Law Center: “Regardless of cognitive disability I may have, I’m a person and people do not deserve to have signs pointed at them, making fun of them, scaring them, harassing them.”

We contacted Nephi Police and they are working with the Juab County Attorney—who told me tonight—he finds it distasteful and derogatory and is researching what legal options may be available, since the neighbors still refuse to take the sign down. The Disability Law Center is planning to meet with local officials to offer sensitivity training there in Nephi.


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Tour De America

This really isn’t fair. Do you suppose we should let the Frogs win one of their silly little bicycle races once in a while or should we continue to show them how real men get things done? If we don’t they will continue to whine and cry that our athletes are doped on steroids or some such drivel. They’re still harassing Lance Armstrong even though he’s retired. I’m waiting to see what their excuse will be this year. Merde!

imageimageLandis Succeeds Armstrong
As Hushovd Bags Brace

(AFP) - Jul 23 12:24 PM US/Eastern

American Floyd Landis won the Tour de France here following the 20th and final stage to succeed compatriot Lance Armstrong. Landis came over the finish line of the race’s final stage, held over 154km between Antony and the Champs Elysees, after the victory of Norwegian Thor Hushovd.

Hushovd, of Credit Agricole, surged to his second stage win of the race Sunday, after his prologue victory, after outsprinting Australian Robbie McEwen 100 metres before the finish line.

Another Australian, Stuart O’Grady of CSC, finished third on the stage just ahead of the bunch. Landis, 30, becomes the third winner of the race from the United States. Greg LeMond was the first American to win the yellow jersey in 1986 and the first American to win it three times having also triumphed in 1989 and 1990.

Armstrong’s seven-year reign as the race champion came to an end last year when he retired from the sport. Landis won the race with a lead of 59sec on Spaniard Oscar Pereiro of Caisse d’Epargne. Pereiro had been leading the Tour with a 30sec lead on Landis on the penultimate stage time trial.

However the American produced a convincing performance over 57km of the race’s second and final race against the clock on Saturday to take the yellow jersey for the third time in the race.

Landis’s bid to succeed his former US Postal teammate Armstrong looked dead and buried when he lost the yellow jersey after tumbling to 11th place overall at 8min 08sec behind Pereiro on a disastrous stage 16.

However, the next day the American capped a daring solo raid over five cols to claim his first ever stage victory on the Tour and move to within 30sec of the yellow jersey.


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UN: Useless Nuts

UNIFL: United Nations Interim Forces Lebanon - since 1978 the UN has had a “force” of 2,000 so-called “peacekeepers” in southern Lebanon. If you are ever asked to describe something that is utterly useless, ineffective and totally impotent feel free to use this as an example. The United Nations is nothing but a 60-year-long running joke but the only people laughing are the “diplomats” from all of the Third World pestholes who enjoy harassing the major powers.

What has UNIFL accomplished since 1978? Give me one example to justify the existence of this force and I’ll shut up and sit down. You can’t, can you? Then why do we continue to support this organization of useless weasels? So we can have some dipshit “Humanitarian Chief” issue a “strong reprimand”? Turn out the lights, send them home and raze the building to the ground. Now!

Randy Bish - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

U.N. Humanitarian Chief Condemns Destruction Of Beirut
(SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS) - Sunday, Jul. 23, 2006

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli bombing in Lebanon on Sunday killed at least six civilians and three Hezbollah fighters, and Hezbollah fired rockets that killed two people in the Israeli city of Haifa. In Beirut, U.N. humanitarian chief Jan Egeland toured bombed-out areas of the Lebanese capital and called Israel’s destruction in the city “a violation of humanitarian law.” He said he saw “destruction, block after block, and mostly in residential areas.”

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice left Washington on Sunday for a brief visit to Israel, and then planned to go to the Palestinian headquarters in the West Bank and an international conference on the conflict in Rome. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy were in Israel on Sunday seeking an end of the fighting.

There was little optimism, however, that the two-week war in Lebanon would stop soon. The war has made even factions in Lebanon that don’t support Hezbollah increasingly angry at Israel. Israeli officials, meanwhile, indicated that they might accept a multinational peacekeeping force in Lebanon eventually, but that for now the fight would continue. The Israeli military seeks to cripple Hezbollah’s militia so that it can no longer fire rockets from Lebanon into Israel.

Yossi Alpher, an Israeli expert on strategic issues, said he sees little in the current debate suggesting the war will end soon. “This is taking longer than the original estimates, but the ground war could go on for quite some time,” he said. “There will come a time when air and ground forces are creating less and less success, and then we’ll start to hear serious talk about a cease-fire.”

When that time comes, both Defense Minister Amir Peretz and Livni, the foreign minister, said that they would be willing to see a multinational force enter southern Lebanon to maintain a safe buffer. ”Our past experience with the U.N. was disappointing,” Livni said. Israel’s government would prefer NATO forces this time, she said.


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calendar   Sunday - July 23, 2006

Chess Hotties, another fine service of BMEWS

(apologies to heldmyw)

First up is the June, 1956 Playmate Gloria Walker. How does a man concentrate with those hanging over the board? (NSFW)

Second is Kelly Dunstan, who I suspect is another Playboy Playmate, but I lack documentation of that. Still, I dream of a life-size checkmate, or even just a check. (NSFW)

Finally, You know you’re a chessaholic if this happens to you. (warning: cartoon nudity)


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Sunday Editorial

Pat Buchanan’s Senility
by Steve Darnell

imageimageAt one time I was a big fan of conservative columnist and former presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan.  His deep-rooted conservative values inspired me to start writing political columns of my own, echoing his conservative philosophy.

However, things change over time and now the real Patrick Buchanan seems to be making an appearance.  To be frank:  I think Pat has sunk into the bowels of anti-Semitic senility.

Buchanan’s senility started when he left the Republican Party after being handily defeated in the 2000 presidential primaries by George W. Bush.  Instead of bowing out of the presidential race gracefully and backing Bush, he chose to run as a third-party candidate for the Reform Party in the 2000 presidential election.

His apparent goal was to ruin the Bush campaign and hand the election to Al Gore; why else would a conservative Republican suddenly turn his back on fellow conservatives and excommunicate himself from a party he loved?  He knew that he did not have a realistic chance to win the election. Many claim it was out of sheer hatred for the Bush family.  I tend to think that Buchanan is just a big fan of Benedict Arnold.

And as with Benedict Arnold, Buchanan’s traitorous plan backfired.  Bush still won the election, and Buchanan’s brash political play resulted only in ruining the Reform Party.

Buchanan’s columns have reflected his hatred for and apparent vendetta against the Bush family in the years since the election.  His anti-Semitism shows itself in his columns, where he continually bashes Israel and champions the Arab cause in the Middle East. 

In his last opinion column, “No, This Is Not Our War,” Buchanan chastises “neoconservatives” and “hairy-chested warriors” at the Weekly Standard for supporting the Israeli offensive against Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon. Some questions are best left unasked, but what the heck, I will ask it anyway:  When did Buchanan see Bill Kristol’s chest? 

In his column Buchanan attempts to convince readers, in his veiled anti-Semitic writing style, that Israel is the bully of the Middle East and is throwing around its military might with the backing of the United States.  Israel is showing its military might.  Not as a bully but as a nation protecting itself from terrorist aggression.  As for the United States backing Israel:  I guess the word “ally” is not in Buchanan’s vocabulary, unless of course the ally is an Arab country.

Buchanan ponders why Israel is attacking Hezbollah “with the blessing [of] and without a peep of protest from President Bush.” But he fails to ask why President Bush should bother protesting in the first place.  President Bush is simply allowing the “Bush Doctrine” to be carried out by Israel.  Pat must have forgotten that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, not a Catholic youth organization.  Hezbollah must be removed from Lebanon.

Buchanan’s latest column also conveniently fails to mention the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and the indiscriminate firing of Katyusha rockets into major Israeli cities by his heroes serving Hezbollah.

Pat has morphed into a kinder, gentler person since the 2000 elections.  He sticks up for the downtrodden Lebanese civilians who have had all power cut off by Israeli airstrikes and calls the action “an outlawed form of collective punishment, that has left them with no sanitation, rotting food, impure water and days without light or electricity in the horrible heat of July.”

I think Pat confuses the term “collective punishment” with warfare.  Israel is at war with terrorists who are using Lebanese civilians as human shields.  Even with the most modern surgical strike by Israeli jets there is still the possibility of civilian casualties.  So if anyone is to blame for civilian casualties, it is Hezbollah, not the Israeli military.

He continues describing the despair in Lebanon:  “When summer power outages occur in America, it means a rising rate of death among our sick and elderly, and
women and infants. One can only imagine what a hell it must be today in Gaza City and Beirut.”

Sure, there is suffering.  There is suffering in all wars.  What Buchanan fails to mention is the suffering of the Israelis huddled in bomb shelters and those killed and wounded by Hezbollah rockets.  But why should he be concerned with their suffering.  They are not Christians or Muslims; they are only Jews.

I remember when Patrick Buchanan was at the height of his career, before his traitorous move from the Republican Party.  Liberals despised Pat, accusing him of being a racist and anti-Semitic.  I would stick up for him in political debates against the left in those days.  He was, after all, my hero in the conservative movement.

Now it is hard to believe that Patrick J. Buchanan is taking the side of liberal appeasers and terrorist thugs by protesting Israel’s right to self-protection.

But the worst thing is that for once in my life I must agree with liberals:  I think Patrick J. Buchanan is anti-Semitic.

And that is what really hurts.

Steve Darnell is a 12 year United States Navy veteran who served during the Reagen/Bush administrations. Steve currently writes a weekly column for the English version of the Russian newspaper Pravda.  He began writing for Pravda in 2004 and later began self-syndicating the column.  He is also a regular contributor to NewsMax, Arab News and other small newspapers around the United States.


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calendar   Saturday - July 22, 2006

Israel Mobilizes for war

Israel’s Emergency Draft as seen by a surfer.

Roy Bass emerged from the Mediterranean waves at noon Friday for a Popsicle break when, surfboard in hand, he heard his cell phone ringing on the beach. It was a recorded message: “An emergency draft has been activated.”

Four hours later, the 27-year-old computer programmer was at an army base, in full uniform, preparing to head to Israel’s northern border, where troops were massing to take on Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

Israel’s mighty military is comprised of thousands like Bass—ordinary civilians who, at a moment’s notice, respond to the call to arms.

Impressive. True Minute Men.

See More Below The Fold


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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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Not that very many people ever read this far down, but this blog was the creation of Allan Kelly and his friend Vilmar. Vilmar moved on to his own blog some time ago, and Allan ran this place alone until his sudden and unexpected death partway through 2006. We all miss him. A lot. Even though he is gone this site will always still be more than a little bit his. We who are left to carry on the BMEWS tradition owe him a great debt of gratitude, and we hope to be able to pay that back by following his last advice to us all:
  1. Keep a firm grasp of Right and Wrong
  2. Stay involved with government on every level and don't let those bastards get away with a thing
  3. Use every legal means to defend yourself in the event of real internal trouble, and, most importantly:
  4. Keep talking to each other, whether here or elsewhere
It's been a long strange trip without you Skipper, but thanks for pointing us in the right direction and giving us a swift kick in the behind to get us going. Keep lookin' down on us, will ya? Thanks.


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