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Dances With Bulls

Guess what day today is? If you guessed July 6 then you are half-right! Today is the Day Of The Bulls! Every year we are treated to thousands of Spanish idjits running madly through the streets of Pamplona, Spain trying their best not to get GORED (a fate which America narrowly avoided in November of 2000).

In addition, every year we are treated to hundreds of fugly (and some not-so-ugly) PETA activists running nekkid through the streets of Pamplona protesting the “abuse” of the bulls. Tell that to the hombre lying on the ground with his pants ripped open and face all bloody, PETA.

In accordance with our time-honored tradition of bringing you all the idjits who are fit to be tied (nekkid and clothed) we present this year’s PETA/Pamplona Panty Party. You can read about the running of the bulls first then click on the “Continue Reading” button to see all the nekkid protesters at this year’s soiree in Spain. The PETA Party is hidden from the main page because, as usual, it is probably not safe for work. Comprende, hombre?

Pamplona, Spain - July 6, 2006 - The Annual Running Of The Bulls

The running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain was first made famous in Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises. Since then, tourists have flocked to the Basque town of Pamplona Spain every June to sing, dance, drink, and careen down the town’s cobbled streets with a herd of angry and confused bulls charging behind them during the running of the bulls Pamplona. The encierro—as the actual running of the bulls Pamplona is known—is only one part of the Festival of San Fermin. The non-stop celebration beings at midday on July 6 and continues around the clock until midnight on July 14. During the running of the bulls Pamplona goes completely wild.

In Pamplona Spain, the encierro begins each morning at eight, when six bulls are released from their corral near the Plaza Santo Domingo, and careen—sometimes wildly, sometimes like they’re out for a Sunday stroll—through the streets to the bullring. Running in front, beside, and sometimes below the beasts, are hundreds of locals and tourists wearing traditional white outfits with red bandanas.

To watch the running of the bulls Pamplona it’s essential to arrive at around 6 am. The best places to watch the Pamplona bull run is near the starting point around the Plaza Santo Domingo or the wall leading to the bullring. If you have the stamina and guts to participate in the running of the bulls Pamplona, remember that every year someone gets hurt or killed. So, after you’ve propped up your courage with a shot of Pacharan—the local moonshine—head to the starting point at Plaza Santo Domingo, where at a few minutes to eight the course is opened and you can take your preferred place along the route.

Two rockets are fired to signal that the Pamplona bull run has begun—and to signal your heart to start beating at twice its normal rate! The first rocket signals that the bullpen has been opened, the second means that all the bulls are running. As soon as the first rocket takes flight you can start running, but if you navigate the course at the head of the pack and arrive in the stadium well before the bulls, you will be met with a chorus of lusty boos from the spectators waiting in the stadium. If you wait until the second rocket you are more likely to get closer to the bulls. Just remember if you try to escape the course before the encierro is over you’ll be pushed right back into the streets.



See More Below The Fold


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Far East Follies

Lemme see ... North Korea is China’s client and the NoKo’s are splashing missiles all over the Sea Of Japan in an attempt to piss off the US. Now, just to the South of there, Taiwan, which is the US’s client in the region has decided to splash missiles into the ocean too.

Is this an attempt to piss off the Red Chinese who are backing North Korea who is trying to piss off the US who is ... never mind. Realpolitik and global strategery gives me a major headache. Especially when the ChiCom’s know we need their cheap crap at Wal-Mart in exchange for the US propping up their extremely undervalued currency which results in ... major headaches for The Skipper who can’t finger all this out.

Does anyone out there have a clue about what the heck is going on? If so, drop me a line. Preferably before the next missile launch by North Vietnam, Japan, the Philipines, Mongolia, Nepal and/or Australia. Thanks!

imageimageTaiwan To Test-Fire Missile
July 6, 5:08 AM (ET)

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan plans to test-fire a missile capable of hitting China, alarming the island’s main ally, the United States, a cable news network said on Thursday.

The Hsiung Feng III, developed by Taiwan’s Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology, has a range of 600 km (360 miles) and is accurate to within half a meter, the online edition of cable news network ETTV ( said, quoting unnamed military sources.

That range would put areas along China’s coast from Fuzhou in Fujian Province to Nan’ao in Guangdong within striking distance of the missile, the Web site said.

A defense ministry spokesman declined to comment on the report when reached by telephone. A spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry also declined to comment.

China, which has claimed sovereignty over Taiwan since their split in 1949 at the end of the Chinese civil war, has deployed nearly 800 short-range ballistic missiles aimed at the self-ruled island in case it formally declares independence. Taiwan successfully test-fired the missile last year, local media have reported, and the Web site said the next test was planned for September.

The United States, which recognizes Beijing’s “one China” policy but is Taiwan’s major supplier of arms, had expressed its concern to the Taiwan government, the Web site said. North Korea acknowledged for the first time on Thursday that it had launched several missiles, vowed to carry out more tests and threatened to use force if the international community tried to stop it.


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Happy Birthday


You can go to the GOP’s web site and sign a virtual birthday card for Dubya, who turns 60 today. I’m only 2½ years behind the ol’ boy. Happy Buffday, Dubya! Now get to work and seal the borders, blow up North Korea, Iran, France and San Francisco, tell all the Liberals in the US to STFU, reduce the deficit, raise military pay and reduce taxes. That’s my birthday wish for you. Have a great day, sir!


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Catch And Release

This was sent in by Brit reader Peiper, who is an American living across the pond. What he doesn’t realize is that the same thing happens here in the US every day. Here they catch Mexicans, hold them until INS or ICE says they can’t handle them, then they are released on their own recognizance. In Britain, it’s Africans and Arabs instead of Mexicans. The only difference between us and the Brits is that we get our grass cut and our cars washed cheap. All the Brits get is bombs in the tube. Both the US and Britain have the same problem though - politicians who literally don’t give a damn.

Illegal Immigrants Found Hiding In Back Of Lorry

Five illegal African immigrants found in the back of a lorry, spent the night at North Walls police station, before being packed off to London by train the next day. Winchester Police had received a tip-off about a “suspicious” lorry at Bar End, and the vehicle was tracked and eventually stopped in South Drive, Littleton, at 5pm last Wednesday.

Three men and two women, thought to be aged between 20 and 26, were found in the back of the Spanish lorry, and were arrested on suspicion of entering the country illegally. The group was taken to the Winchester police tation, but officers were told that Home Office immigration officials did not have the resources to deal with them at the time.

Instead, they were given shelter overnight in a front office at North Walls, and then put on a London-bound train the next morning. A police spokesman said the lorry was filled with cacti plants and blankets, and was believed to be en route to a local nursery. Winchester’s top police officer, Inspector Kevin Baxman, was on duty when the Africans were brought to the city station.

“It was pretty crammed in there,” he said. Insp Baxman said they were all “very hungry, very tired and weary. We called immigration and they told us they didn’t have the resources to deal with them. They then told us to release them with directions to the Immigration headquarters in Croydon,” he said. ”They didn’t speak English, they didn’t have any identification, they had no money, they had not had any food, and they didn’t know where they were.”

Insp Baxman said he had concerns for their safety late at night, and allowed them to spend the night in a front office at North Walls. The following morning, he followed the instructions of immigration officials, and gave them directions to Croydon. Police officers escorted the Africans to Winchester station, and negotiated with a rail company to transport the group.

They travelled on the next train, free of charge, unescorted. The Home Office said it does not comment on individual cases, and therefore could not confirm or deny whether they arrived. Insp Baxman added: ”Once immigration had made the decision, we couldn’t lawfully hold them. Fingerprints were taken in a bid to identify them, but there were no records. It’s not the first time it has happened,” added Insp Baxman. “Those people are in this country, but no one has any idea where they are.”

Winchester police detained the Spanish lorry driver, but immigration officers told him there was not enough evidence that he had done anything wrong, so he, too, was released. Insp Baxman added: “We have five cells in Winchester and when we have five people in custody obviously it ties up a lot of police officers and it’s very frustrating for nothing to happen.”


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The Legend Of Drunken Gunslinger


“Paper Bullet” -by- Cox & Forkum

World Condemns North Korean Missile Tests
World Community Heaps Scorn on North Korea for Test-Firing at Least 7, Maybe Up to 10, Missiles

SEOUL, South Korea Jul 5, 2006 (AP)— North Korea test-fired a seventh missile Wednesday, intensifying the furor that began when the reclusive regime defied international protests by launching a long-range missile and at least five shorter-range rockets earlier in the day.

An official at the South Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed that North Korea had tested a seventh missile that was either short- or medium-range. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity citing agency rules, had no additional details.

Japan’s Kyodo News agency reported that the missile landed six minutes after launch, but did not say where. The chief of Russia’s general staff said that Russian tracking systems showed that Pyongyang may have launched up to 10 missiles during the day, the Interfax news agency reported.

The missiles, all of which apparently fell harmlessly into the Sea of Japan, provoked international condemnation, the convening of an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council and calls in Tokyo for economic sanctions against the impoverished communist regime.

‘Condemn’, my aching back! Condemn this, sanction that, issue a strong statement ... who really gives a damn and who is going to listen to the nutless wonders at the UN? Find out what Kim Jung Il’s schedule is and the next time he reviews a big military parade in Pyongyang, drop a humongous BLU-82 on his sorry butt. If China complains, tell them to go pound rice. It’s time to send a real ‘strong statement’ to these tinhat dictators again. They have obviously forgotten the lesson Reagan sent Khadaffi. Time to refresh their memory.


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calendar   Wednesday - July 05, 2006

BMEWS Help Desk Support Options

We have installed new Help Desk Support Lines here at BMEWS to help you with any problems you may have accessing the web site. Below is a sample of the new menu system that is designed to assist you in every way possible.

imageimageEnter any 12-digit prime number to continue ...

Thank you for calling. To continue in jargon, press 1. Jos haluat jatkaa suomeksi, ole hyva ja paina 2.

Please listen closely to the following menus, as our options have changed. For technical support, press 1. For financial support, press 2. For support of the fleshy parts that jiggle during exercise, press 3. For emotional support, please hang up and call 888 HOT-LIVE.

Please note that we are currently experiencing temporary, localized service interruptions in Nome, Alaska; Phoenix, Ariz.; Tijuana, Mexico; and all of North America east of the Rocky Mountains. If you live in one of these regions, please hang up and do not call back until we tell you. We appreciate your patience while our technicians ignore the problem.

If your appliance is less than 1 year old, press 1. If you are unmarried or are not sure, press 2.

In order to serve you better, it will be helpful for us to know which order you belong to. For Primates, press 1. For Cetacea and Proboscidea, press 2. For Jesuit or Dominican, press 3. For Knights Templar or Hospitaler, Knights of Pythias or Columbus, as well as Masons, Elks, and Kiwanis, or if you are unsure, press 4. If you are a Franciscan and have a rotary phone, please stay on the line.

Please key in the model and serial number of the product you are calling about. The model number is the series of 12 letters and digits that is visible when you push the unit away from the wall, work your head into the gap using a crowbar and No. 10 machine oil, and train a beam of ultraviolet light on the lower three centimeters of the right-hand rear surface of the appliance. If the model number is obscured by dust or cockroach detritus, wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth soaked in a solution of ordinary rubbing alcohol, Kirschwasser, and formaldehyde. The serial number is the 37-digit number inscribed by means of laser nanotechnology on the underside of the unit and is not visible to the naked eye. When you have entered both numbers, press the pound key.

Note that at any point you may return to the previous menu by hanging up, calling again, and repeating the process until you reach the point just before the point you are at right now.

Please listen carefully to the following choices and select the one that best describes the problem you are calling about: If water is condensing on inner surfaces or leaking from under the door, press 1. If you are having trouble sending or receiving e-mail, press 2. If you are experiencing sharp, shooting pains in the left shoulder or a feeling of constriction in the chest, press 3. If you have lost your faith in a Supreme Being or any intelligible order in the universe and feel a desperate need for human contact, press 4. If you smell gas, press 5. To repeat this menu, press 6. To return to the previous menu or to a state of infantile bliss, press 7.

Please note that while you were listening to the previous menu, our options changed yet again. For Option 1, press 4. For Option 7, press 3. For Option 6, press 7. For Options 2 through 4, press 0 or hang up and call our Consumer Relations Department at (427) 555-9221. Long-distance charges may apply.

Most common problems can be resolved at home by following a simple sequence of diagnostic tests and procedures. We will now guide you through such a sequence. If you wish to skip this section, press 1, 3, and 9 simultaneously while restarting your telephone. Please note: If, while answering these questions, you see smoke or flames or if your chest is warm to the touch, hang up and call 911.

OK, let’s get started.

Is the unit plugged in? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.

Is the power switch set to “on”? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.

Touch the condensation on the interior of the unit with your finger, then smell it. Does it smell like a dog that has been left out in the rain? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.

Unplug your modem, power down your computer, and mix yourself a stiff drink. Drink it. Now restart your computer and plug the modem back in. Did this resolve the problem? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.

While holding down the control and option keys, crouch on the floor, making chugging and whistling sounds. Say, “I think I can, I think I can.” Continue in this manner for five minutes. Did this resolve the problem? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.

Do you attend a church, synagogue, mosque, tabernacle, or other house of worship regularly (that is, three times a month or more)? If yes, press 1. If no, better press 1 anyway.

While remaining on this phone, use your cellular phone to call an old friend whom you haven’t seen in years. Tell him or her that you’ve really missed him or her, and that if he or she has a problem he or she needs to talk about, you will be happy to lend a sympathetic ear. Did this resolve the problem? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.

The diagnostic and self-help procedure is now complete. If the problem has been resolved, press 1. If the problem has been cleared up, press 2. If the problem no longer seems worth bothering with, press 3.

Thank you for calling. Goodbye. 

(-- Thanks to Zack F. who really should know better than to call here)


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Through The Looking Glass

Memo To Kim Jung Il: This how real men launch missiles, weenie-boy! Ours don’t fail and crash into the sea after five minutes. In fact this baby has already deployed its cargo which is spying on your sorry ass right now. Look up and wave, Kimmie boy! Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!


“Micro Satellite Launch”

A joint government/industry team launched this Delta II rocket at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., Wednesday, June 21. The payload was a Micro-satellite Technology Experiment designed to support and enhance future U.S. space operations.

-- (U.S. Air Force photo)


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Breaking News

I guess there’s one sure way to avoid going to prison and paying nearly $200 million in fines. Ken Lay won’t have to worry about Enron any more.

imageimageEnron Founder Ken Lay Dead of Heart Attack
(WASHINGTON POST) - Wednesday, July 5, 2006 10:40am EDT

The recently convicted and former Enron CEO Kenneth L. Lay, 64, died early today near Aspen, Colorado, a family spokeswoman said. “The Lays have a very large family with whom they need to communicate, and out of respect for the family we will release further details at a later time,” a statement from the Lay family said.

On Friday, federal prosecutors asked a judge to order Lay and former fellow Enron Corp. executive Jeffrey K. Skilling to turn over $182.2 million in assets, arguing that their homes and other assets were acquired by fraud.


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The Rockets Red Glare

Yesterday, on the 4th of July, the US launched Discovery. Within minutes, the shuttle with seven astronauts aboard, was over Europe cruising along at 14,000 mph and over a hundred miles above Earth headed toward a rendezvous with the International Space Station. There were no warheads aboard, only scientific experiments and supplies for the crew of the ISS. Science and the discovery of the universe took another step forward.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a pissant Commie dictator tried once again to blackmail the rest of the world with missile launches of its own. Missiles capable of carrying destructive warheads. Fortunately, the North Koreans are stupid, ignorant morons and the six missiles failed soon after launch and crashed into the Sea Of Japan. Regardless, the Japanese are upset and so is the rest of the world. Don’t look for the UN to do anything anytime soon.

Why do we allow these insane madmen like the North Koreans to continue to threaten the rest of the world with their madness? Wouldn’t we all be better off flying around space, learning new things and discovering our region of the universe? It is past time for humanity to put these childish acts like the North Koreans are doing behind us - even if it means spanking the child in question before proceeding. It’s time to send the NoKo’s a message in no uncertain terms.

imageimageNorth Korea Tests Long-Range Missile
Controversial Rocket Fails as Other Types Are Fired
U.N. Session Set After U.S., Japan Condemn Action

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

North Korea test-fired at least six missiles yesterday, including its long-range Taepodong-2, senior U.S. officials said, defying strong warnings from the United States and regional powers in Asia.

The controversial long-range missile failed less than a minute after launch, falling into the Sea of Japan, along with the other, less-sophisticated missiles. Diplomatic and military officials played down any imminent threat, but Stephen J. Hadley, President Bush’s national security adviser, called the display of firepower on the Fourth of July “provocative behavior.”

In addition to prompting swift condemnation in Washington and Japan, the launches set off a flurry of diplomatic consultations. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice began calling Asian capitals that were waking to the news, and the U.N. Security Council was set to take up the matter today. Meanwhile, a special U.S. envoy, Christopher R. Hill, was dispatched to consult with allies.

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso said Tokyo was likely to impose economic sanctions against North Korea in response to the missile tests; Japanese authorities said they would begin by banning North Korean ships from Japanese ports for six months or more.

In Pyongyang, an official from North Korea’s communist government met with Japanese reporters and acknowledged the missile launches. Japan’s NHK television quoted Foreign Ministry official Lee Byong Dok as saying: “This is an issue of national sovereignty, and other countries do not have the right to judge. We are not bound by any agreement regarding missiles.”

Over the past several weeks, U.S. intelligence officials had warned of a possible long-range missile test by North Korea, and the issue became the subject of increasingly acrimonious exchanges between the United States and North Korea. Pyongyang’s main benefactors, China and South Korea, as well as Japan and other nations had urged the North not to proceed with a test. Last night, Hadley said the launch “just shows the defiance of the international community by North Korea.”

The tests could further isolate North Korea and tilt U.S. policy in favor of Bush administration hard-liners who have argued that stronger sanctions are the only way to bring North Korea back to the table in stalled disarmament talks.

In Japan, U.S. Ambassador J. Thomas Schieffer told reporters that he and Japanese officials had discussed the possibility of getting the U.N. Security Council to impose economic sanctions on Pyongyang.

- More on this story at the WASHINGTON POST ...


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Rob Rogers - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sen. Clinton Hedges Lieberman Support
Wednesday, July 5, 2006

ALBANY, N.Y. (WASHINGTON POST) - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), a longtime supporter of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, said Tuesday that she will not back the Connecticut Democrat’s bid for reelection if he loses their party’s primary. “I’ve known Joe Lieberman for more than 30 years. I have been pleased to support him in his campaign for reelection, and hope that he is our party’s nominee,” the former first lady said in a statement issued by aides.

“But I want to be clear that I will support the nominee chosen by Connecticut Democrats in their primary,” Clinton added. “I believe in the Democratic Party, and I believe we must honor the decisions made by Democratic primary voters.” Facing a stronger-than-expected Democratic primary challenge from millionaire businessman Ned Lamont and sagging poll numbers because of his support of the Iraq war, Lieberman said Monday he will collect signatures to ensure a ballot spot as an independent for the November election if he loses the Aug. 8 primary.

Lieberman spokeswoman Marion Steinfels said the three-term senator is “totally focused on winning the Democratic primary.” “Senator Clinton and President Clinton have both been supporters of Senator Lieberman for many, many years. He greatly values her friendship and her support in the primary,” Steinfels said. “The support is part of the reason he’s working so hard, with a single-minded focus to win the Democratic primary.”

Both Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) and Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said they are backing Lieberman in the primary. “We aren’t going to speculate about what happens next because that would undermine our candidate,” said committee spokesman Phil Singer.

Sorry, Joe but the Donks are throwing you to the wolves. The lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party (Streisand, Soros, Dean, etc.) have decided that since you won’t toe the party line and condemn the Iraq war that you have to go. So much for loyalty. The Hildabeast has problems of her own with the lunatic fringe so this was probably to be expected.

In all honesty, this cartoon tells it like it is. The Donks can’t find anyone to run for public office who sounds the least bit intelligent or sane nowadays. In this case, the kryptonite is the voter’s common sense. Even worse, in today’s world Clark Kent would probably be working at the NY Times.


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LOL  - Generate your own Windoze error messsage at Atom Smasher!


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calendar   Tuesday - July 04, 2006

Happy 4th Of July!




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Study the Classics

For what are the classics but the noblest recorded thoughts of man? They are the only oracles which are not decayed, and there are such answers to the most modern inquiry in them as Delphi and Dondona never gave. We might as will omit to study Nature because she is old.
–Thoreau, Walden.


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Discovery liftoff at 2:38pm EDT. All systems go.


14,000 mph. 122 miles high.


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