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calendar   Sunday - April 03, 2005

Abstinence, Evil; Promiscuity, Good!

What other conclusion can you come to when you have asshats like the ACLU plus assorted other liberal bed-wetting groups demanding the government web site promoting abstinence be taken down?

Why do they want that?  Because it’s “DICTATING VALUES!!”

But when the ACLU and the NEA promote school classes showing kids how to put condoms on cucumbers and telling little boys it’s OK to experiment with other little boys---that’s NOT dictating THEIR values?

What a bunch of fuck-wits.

You tell me what’s wrong when the site:

“advises parents to tell their teens why they should not have sex: “Tell them abstinence is the healthiest choice. They will not have to worry about getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant. They will not have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. Nor will they have to worry that the person they are dating is only interested in them because of sex. “

And it paints a bleak picture for teens who get pregnant: “Many teen mothers never finish high school. Teen mothers and their babies are more likely to have health problems. And families started by teen mothers are more likely to be poor and end up on welfare.”

Are they lying?  Are the consequences of teen sex incorrect?

Of course, the NEA, the ACLU, GLADD, NAMBLA, etc. all prefer kids to have wanton sex, in great abandon.  That way they can keep their jobs as social workers, counselors, abortion clinic doctors and nurses, AIDS care providers, etc. all the while sucking more and more money from the taxpayer for doing so.

How I HATE these groups for their misinformation.  (gratuitous “hate” comment provided to bait our latest troll.)


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Think You’re A Good Writer?

I can not remember from whose site I ended up at this post but if you are an aspiring conservative writer, you might want to check this out.

Guidelines are here.

Maybe I should start taking this:



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It Didn’t Take Long

I found this listed in a couple of blogs already and shows how, just hours after the Pope died, the NY Times displays its bias for the world to see.

Check this out at Powerline.

Here’s the quote from the Times before they changed it:

Even as his own voice faded away, his views on the sanctity of all human life echoed unambiguously among Catholics and Christian evangelicals in the United States on issues from abortion to the end of life.

need some quote from supporter

John Paul II’s admirers were as passionate as his detractors, for whom his long illness served as a symbol for what they said was a decrepit, tradition-bound papacy in need of rejuvenation and a bolder connection with modern life.

“The situation in the Catholic church is serious,” Hans Kung, the eminent Swiss theologian, who was barred by from teaching in Catholic schools because of his liberal views, wrote last week. “The pope is gravely ill and deserves every compassion. But the Church has to live. ...

In my opinion, he is not the greatest pope but the most contradictory of the 20th century. A pope of many, great gifts, and of many bad decisions!”

Among liberal Catholics, he was criticized for his strong opposition to abortion, homosexuality and contraception, as well as the ordination of women and married men. Though he was never known as a strong administrator of the dense Vatican bureaucracy, he kept a centralizing hand on the selection of bishops around the world and enforced a rigid adherence to many basic church teachings among the clergy and Catholic theologians.

It already had the negative piece written.  It never dawned on them that maybe, just maybe, a man of God should get some decent treatment after his death.

I can’t help but wonder....had it been Bill Clinton or John F**king Kerry or the Koffing Anus, the article would be touting all their positives with nary a mention of the negatives.

Powerline also has a screen grab of the NY Times story to back up its claims..


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What’s A Day Without Some Pussy News?

bat Are you tired of seeing so many pussies in your back yard eating wild birds?

So is Mark Smith, in Wausau, WI.  He wants to enact legislation allowing him to shoot wild pussies.

Of course, the Pussy Club crowd are hissing and spitting and scratching and threatening to kill HIM.

His reaction?

“Maybe I am emotionally inept, but I don’t understand the reaction these people are having,” he said. “I guess they need to be put in a room with a bunch of these cats.”

Yeah, Mark, “emotionally inept.” If that’s the case, you’re in good company.

The wild pussies are responsible for the wanton assault, torture and slaughter of between 47 to 139 MILLION birds.

Hey, I like a nice pussy but feral pussy?  Shoot it.

(notice I tried to make a distinction between “feral” and “wild” in my description of pussies.  For those who may care.  And have warped minds.  And wonder which version of pussies I may be referring.  That is all.)

bat There ain’t nothing like laying in your bed, fast asleep, surrounded by pussies.  Especially when they save your ass from becoming toast.

Goes to show you, man should never be without a pussy nearby.

bat Who says old pussy isn’t worth having?

Not the Ozzies.  They are posting about a $2 million reward for anyone finding one of these old pussies.

Last I heard the Tasmanian Devil was pissed off. 



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On The Good News Front In Iraq

It appears that the locals are exhibiting more confidence in the ability of Iraqi security forces because they are providing more and more tips to stop terrorists in their tracks.

Can it be they are finally seeing the light? Some are.  Yet some are still blind.

“At first, I used to think of them as holy fighters. But after what we’ve been seeing on television, it became clear they were terrorists.”

Sadly, some of them are too stupid to understand what we’ve done for them in eliminating Hussein when they say:

“I don’t think I would have reported them if they were targeting only Americans,” Abdullah said. “After all, this is an occupier.”

Reading stuff like that makes me want to lob a couple of nukes in there and just be done with it.

In good news for our troops, should things continue to improve and people continue to turn in terrorists and Iraqi Security Forces stem the violence, the military may begin large scale pullbacks starting in June with most troops gone by February 2006.

“After Fallujah, and with all the weapons caches we keep finding and destroying, its getting fairly calm,” said one G2 Bulletin intelligence source inside Iraq. “The international Zone hasn’t had a rocket since December.”

The change was apparent after the elections, with the number of U.S. soldiers killed dropping from 58 in February to 30 in March—the lowest monthly death toll since 20 American soldiers were killed in February 2004.

For more on numbers of US casualties, go here.


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I Never Got This Much Attention

Some years ago when I was, well, shall we say, more confrontationally sensationalist, I posited the following to a Christian friend:  “If we are made in God’s image, then he’s got to be a pedophile, a homosexual, a catamite, etc.

OOOOOOH, the howls of outrage (by that one person.)

But let the Homosexual Chapter of the Episcopal Church say the same and they get press coverage.

Not fair!!!!  I said it first!!!

No, wait a minute, if they quoted me then I’d be writing about myself.  Whoa!  That’d be one of those folded space and time moments.  Or something.

Excuse me while I get another cup of coffee.

P.S.  Have I told you the “Jesus was an alien” story?  It’s out of this world.


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Spring Forward

It is now 2:00am on Sunday, April 3, 2005.. This blog will now officially spring forward one hour and magically lose sixty minutes of valuable time .... tick .... tock .... tick .... tock ....

It is now officially 3:00am on Sunday April 3, 2005. Do not forget to set all of your clocks today and prepare to drink extra coffee on Monday morning.

If you’re looking for someone to blame for this atrocity, look no further than Benjamin Franklin ....

The idea of daylight saving was first conceived by Benjamin Franklin during his sojourn as an American delegate in Paris in 1784, in an essay, “An Economical Project.”

Some of Franklin’s friends, inventors of a new kind of oil lamp, were so taken by the scheme that they continued corresponding with Franklin even after he returned to America.

The idea was first advocated seriously by a London builder, William Willett (1857-1915), in the pamphlet “Waste of Daylight” (1907) that proposed advancing clocks 20 minutes on each of four Sundays in April, and retarding them by the same amount on four Sundays in September. As he was taking an early morning ride through Petts Wood, near Croydon, Willett was struck by the fact that the blinds of nearby houses were closed, even though the sun was fully risen. When questioned as to why he didn’t simply get up an hour earlier, Willett replied with typical British humor, “What?” In his pamphlet “The Waste of Daylight” he wrote: “Everyone appreciates the long, light evenings. Everyone laments their shortage as Autumn approaches; and everyone has given utterance to regret that the clear, bright light of an early morning during Spring and Summer months is so seldom seen or used”.

Daylight savings time officially first became law in the United States on March 19, 1918 by joint resolution of Congress during World War I and was later made permanent by the same group of scoundrels on January 20, 1942.

Daylight Savings Time Trivia:

To keep to their published timetables, trains cannot leave a station before the scheduled time. So when the clocks fall back one hour in October, all Amtrak trains in the United States that are running on time stop at 2 A.M. and wait one hour before resuming. Overnight passengers are often surprised to find their train at a dead stop and their travel time an hour longer than expected. At the spring DST time change, trains instantaneously become an hour behind schedule at 2 A.M., but they just keep going and do their best to make up the time.

Palestinian Terrorists
In September 1999, the Palestinian West Bank was on daylight saving time while Israel had just switched back to standard time. West Bank Palestinians prepared time bombs and smuggled them to Arab Israelis, who misunderstood the time on the bombs. As the bombs were being planted, they exploded—one hour too early—killing three terrorists instead of two busloads of people, the intended victims.

Note: I am actually posting this at 10:00pm Saturday night, prior to going to bed. The Expression Engine blog software, which allows me to set future datetimes for posts (causing them to magically appear here while I am elsewhere) refuses to let me set the time to 2:00am. It is as if that hour has ceased to exist in the overall space-time continuum. Cue up Rod Serling and eerie “Twilight Zone” music in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 ....


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calendar   Saturday - April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II (R.I.P.)


The Pope died just a little while ago.  Many of you are not Catholic and may know little about him.  Many Catholics know little about him, for that matter.  So here’s a synopsis of his life.

Born Karol Jozef Wojtyla in 1920, the second son of Karol Wojtyla (voy TIH wah) Sr., a retired army officer and tailor, and Emilia Kaczorowska Wojtyla, a schoolteacher of Lithuanian descent.

As a youth he played soccer, swam in the Skawa River when flooded, and enjoyed skiing, hiking, mountain climbing and kayaking

His family suffered its share of tragedy His infant sister died before he was born and in 1929 his mother died of heart and kidney problems.

When he was 12, his 26-year-old brother Edmund died of scarlet fever.

He, himself, was hit once by a streetcar and again by a truck in 1944 while a college student.

After graduation from secondary school in 1938, he enrolled at Jagiellonian University to study literature and philosophy and he also joined an experimental theater group and participated in poetry readings and literary discussion groups.

After Poland was invaded by Germans he a job as a stone cutter in a quarry to avoid deportation.  Shortly afterwards his father died.

He was ordained in 1946 in Krakow and earned two masters degrees and a doctorate before becoming assistant pastor in Krakow in 1949.

In 1956, was appointed to the Chair of Ethics at Catholic University

On July 4, 1958, he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Cracow by Pope Pius XII, and was consecrated September 28, 1958, in Wawel Cathedral, Cracow, by Archbishop Baziak.

On January 1964, Pope Paul VI nominated him as Archbishop of Cracow and made him a cardinal June 1967.

He wrote a treatise in 1960 called “Love and Responsibility” that laid out the foundation a modern Catholic sexual ethic.

His second doctoral thesis—“Evaluation of the possibility of Constructing a Christian Ethic based on the System of Max Scheler”—was published that same year.

In 1978, he was selected to become pope.

He was also the first non-Italian pope in 455 years (the last was Adrian VI in 1523) and, at 58, the youngest pope in 132 years.

When he was elected,

Yuri Andropov, leader of the Soviet Union’s KGB intelligence agency, warned the Politburo that there could be trouble ahead. He was right.

He became the first pope

to visit a synagogue and the first to visit the memorial at Auschwitz to victims of the Holocaust. In ending the Catholic-Jewish estrangement, he called Jews “our elder brothers.”

As Pope he wrote 14 encyclicals, 15 apostolic exhortations, 11 apostolic constitutions and 45 apostolic letters. He’s also published five books

He spoke 8 languages and learned Spanish after becoming Pope.

He openly criticized dictators such as

Alfred Stroessner in Paraguay, Augusto Pinochet in Chile and Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines encouraged opposition movements that eventually brought down those governments.

His support for the Solidarity movement in Poland—priests concealed messages from John Paul to imprisoned union leaders in their robes—was a key to the downfall of communism in Poland.

He was almost assassinated in 1981, shot twice by a Turk who said he worked for the Bulgarian Secret Service.  The Bulgarians generally did work for the KGB however, later, his would-be assassin later recanted.

You can read about a KGB plot to kill the Pope here.

He was constantly warning us about:

the dangers of materialism, selfishness and secularism, and suggested lowering the standard of living and sharing the wealth with the Third World.

He was a fierce critic of abortion and said, “A nation that kills its own children has no future.”

But he also presided over some of the worst scandals in church history:  priests engaged in pedophilia.

Regardless, he will almost certainly be remembered as one of the better popes the church had and one who devoted most of his time towards re-animating the church and re-uniting it.

God bless him.


courtesy of CNN and the Vatican.


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One Year Ago

It’s Saturday and I needed a good laugh. Not just any laugh but a real belly-busting honker. I decided to go back into the archives and see what people were saying one year ago as the election was really gearing up and *John Kerry was riding high with a virtual lock on the Democratic party nomination. Here, we present for your viewing pleasure, an article that appeared in Newsweek magazine (a leftist rag that I refuse to subscribe to or even read) one year ago. Try not to laugh your ass off ....

Timing Is Everything

And John Kerry’s has always been perfect.
In this election, a wave created by the chaos in Iraq
  might carry the Democrat straight to the White House.

By Howard Fineman
Updated: 6:03 p.m. ET May 12, 2004

May 12 - John Kerry loves windsurfing, loves it so much he once made the cover of a glossy magazine devoted to the sport. As I report on his presidential campaign, it occurs to me that windsurfing symbolizes his political career—and the strategic theory that could bring him victory in November. For John Kerry doesn’t expect to be admired, let alone beloved. He doesn’t mind being labeled a “flip-flopper.” Indeed, windsurfing is just that: a constant maneuver to fill your sail. Kerry aims to catch the wind—and the drift of history. The war in Iraq is a hurricane, and Kerry hopes to ride it into office.

Kerry’s theory of this campaign is pretty straightforward: to be the guy people have no choice but to vote for on Nov. 2. Not because he has a stirring new vision (he doesn’t); not because he’s such a darned likable guy (he isn’t); but because circumstances are such that fair-minded “swing” voters have no choice but to pick him. He’s not running against the war, per se, but as the nobleman at the end of the Shakespeare play, a beacon of sanity on the battlefield.

An odd mixture of arrogance and self-abnegation, Kerry is under no illusions that voters will embrace him in a personal way. At a meeting with fund-raisers in New York the other month, he declared that his goal was to weather a wave of attacks and “preserve my acceptability.” There you have his strategy in its clinical glory: They don’t have to love me, they don’t even have to like me. If I am in the right place at the right time (and am “acceptable”) they will choose me.

Pardonnez-moi, whilest I roll on the floor. Has it really only been a year since this asshat actually thought he would be the next President? Sacre bleu! Oh shit! Why is it that every time I read about Kerry, I start talking with a Fwench accent. Dammit! I fart in your general direction!

*: the haughty, aristocratic, Fwench-loving, UN-schmoozing liberal from Massachusetts who (by the way) served in Vietnam, ran guns to the commies in Cambodia (by his own admission) and who pledged to release his military records months ago and hasn’t done so yet. Did I mention he served in Vietnam? How about the rich widows he keeps marrying? Ketchup, anyone?


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Weekend Pinups

This weekend’s featured pinup artist is Lorenzo Sperlonga (1969- ). Sperlonga is a contemporary artist, as opposed to the recent classic artists we have featured from the pre-WWII years. Lorenzo Sperlonga was born in 1969 in Rome, Italy. He studied illustration, graphic design and animation at the Roberto Rossellini’s Italian Institute for Cinematography and Television in Rome. In 1989, after a short time at the Valeri Visual Arts, he started working at Lapis Graphic Design where he worked until 1997, developing advertising campaigns, illustrations, storyboards and interior design.

From 1992 to 1993 he worked with Vallardi Publishing for the child-orientated fairy tales comic book Tiramolla and the TV magazine Sattellite, painting cover illustrations and caricatures. 1994 marked the beginning of his career as a pin-up illustrator and he painted his first cover for Skorpio, published by Eura, one of the biggest comic publishers in Italy. In the same year he also started working with Playmen Comix and other titles in the adult industry.

In 1995 he painted illustrations for the Italian editions of Playboy and Penthouse. In 1995 in Los Angeles, he met Heavy Metal publisher Kevin Eastman and together discussed the possibilities of his working in the American market. Five years later his first cover for Heavy Metal was out in the US.

Visit Lorenzo Sperlonga’s Official Site: The Art of Lorenzo Sperlonga.

Here are four magnificent paintings by Sperlonga. They are entitled (in order): “The Amazon”, “The Fairy”, “The Snake”, “The Elf”.

image image
image image


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Water On Mars

Much has been written about colonizing Mars and the US has sent several probes up there.

Many pictures have been sent back (and really, think about it---isn’t it fascinating that we are able to photograph something so far away--on site--and transmit it back here millions and millions of miles away?)

Anyway, until recently, none of the photos have shown and water in its liquid state.

Until now.  Continue reading to find out more about this water on Mars story.

See More Below The Fold


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On The Filibuster

Most of you are probably aware the big stink the MSM and the Dummycraps are making about proposed changes to the filibuster rule as it applies to judicial nominations.

The Dummycraps, finding themselves in the minority, are pissed off that they’ll not be able to stop voting on President Bush’s appointees.  They can’t stand that Republicans want to continue the system in place since 1789.

Here’s a link to a note sent by John F**king Kerry (that moron who claims to be a Vietnam vet and who looks Fwench!) It’s alarming in it’s lack of honesty.

So what does James Taranto and crew propose?

You’re gonna love this---and it is elegant in its simplicity.

If the Democrats won a majority in the Senate, they could restore the minority’s right to filibuster. Democratic Senate candidates in 2006 could run on the promise to restore the filibuster, and, if that proves insufficient to win a majority, they could repeat it in 2008.

You think they’ll do it?  Or is this just more political bullshit from the party that has no shortage of it?

(see, Mr. Taranto, I still link to your articles.  I don’t hold grudges!!) grin


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Really Odd Bits

bat Another example of socialized medicine at its best. 

And we wonder why people are always saying Brits have horrible teeth?

Check this out.

Somehow I can not see an American going up to our President and handing over their teeth.

bat Remind me never to ride horses in Australia.  I could get attacked by birds.

bat They always said you could go blind from it.  Apparently there may be SOME truth to the saying except the manner of execution leading to the blindness is different.

So the next time you grab for the “little blue odd-shaped pill” ask yourself this:  “Do I get my rocks off or do I go blind?  Rocks off?  Blind?  Rocks off?  Blind?  Rocks off?  Blind?”

Remember, only you can prevent blindness.  On the plus side, if you can’t see what you’re humpin’ then your chances of getting any improve, right?

bat Re-defining, “going clubbing!”

And don’t forget to wear your fur hat.

bat It’s bad enough you can’t find a dentist in England.  But apparently you can’t find cops, either.

So the next time you’re there and you get robbed, do the investigation yourself. They don’t have time.


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Our Friends, The Euro-Peons

You know, with friends like these, we don’t need an Iran or North Korea or Syria.

We start with Belgium where police training manuals have pictures of President Bush depicted as a chimp.

Imagine the outrage by the French if NY City’s police department’s training manuals portrayed Jacques Chirac with a white stripe running down his back in images showing the proper way to kneel before Mecca.

Fuck the French!  Imagine what OUR ACLU would do---to us!!!  But Belgians, well, they’re only good for waffles, I guess.  Worthless, piece of shit country.

Remember all that bluff and bluster by the Euro-weenies concerning Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank?  Typical Euro-peon behavior.  I swear to God, the Euro-weenies are like those annoying little dogs that yip and yap and charge at you but as soon as you advance they run away howling, “Yiiiii, Yiiiii, Yiiiii”, tails tucked firmly between its legs.

Well, Paul got approved OVERWHELMINGLY.

Now, if we can only convince him that we must stop giving money to nations like China and India (nations more than capable of raising funds on their own to do whatever they want) I’d be happy.

In more news from Waffle-land, the EU plans to slap 15% tariffs on US goods.


Because we didn’t sign on to an anti-dumping law.

I think what’s needed now is for all good Americans in Belgium to “take a dump” in front of the EU HQs.

What arrogant little pissants these Euro-peons are!

And speaking of ineffectual pissants, the amounts affected total about $28 million.  Hell, we have thousands of people in the US making that per year in salaries and wages.  I’ll bet if we could convince them to pool their resources we could buy Europe outright and turn it into a military training area for tanks, bombers, missiles, etc.

Who’s with me?


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