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calendar   Thursday - January 27, 2005

The Wrath Of God, Part II

It appears God is on a roll. After the inhabitants of Southeast Asia continued to act like moonbats after the tsunami, the Big Guy Upstairs decided to drop a meteorite on their ass.

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - A 10 pound meteorite which landed in a former Khmer Rouge zone of northwest Cambodia started fires across rice fields and prayers from villagers who saw it as a divine omen of peace.

“Some farmers are angry with the rock because it caused fires and destroyed several hundred hectares of their paddy fields,” said Sok Sareth, police chief of Banteay Meanchey province, around 200 miles northwest of the capital, Phnom Penh.

So it goes. What next? I don’t know about you but if I lived in Southeast Asia, I’d seriously consider going to church more often. And get rid of those damned bin Laden t-shirts too. Or else. There’s no telling what the Big Guy Upstairs has in store next ....


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 01/27/2005 at 02:32 AM   
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Armed Citizenry

Life Lesson #431: Never, never, never attempt to rob a country store in Georgia (or any other “red state” for that matter - pick on California, New York or Chicago where local governments have take away the citizens’ right to own guns).

Two perps in Georgia learned that lesson the hard way and are taking a dirt nap tonight for their trouble. Here’s what the store owner had to say ....

“I just started shooting,” said Gloria Turner, 56. “I was trying to blow his brains out is what I was trying to do.”

My kind of gal! Thanks for helping flush the gene pool, Gloria!


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calendar   Wednesday - January 26, 2005

Caesar Is Displeased !

One of our members made some disparaging remarks about the site design in the previous post. Caesar is extremely displeased with this individual. Hit squads are on I-65 right now headed to Indiana to rub out this offending “pig”. Tonight he will “sleep with the fishes”. In the meantime, I have changed his member avatar to a more appropriate “pig”.

Unless I receive a grovelling apology before midnight, the hit squad has orders to use shock and awe to “educate” this hawg .... before killin’ him and bringin’ me his head ....

Caesar commands it!

Update: The slanderous hawg has grovelled and apologized. His avatar has been restored. It’s good to be da king! Mwah-hah-ha-ha-ha-ha ....

For the record: here is the avatar I assigned to him temporarily - yes, I am evil!



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Site Modifications

Some of you may have noticed the blog was down temporarily within the last hour. I was upgrading the software to Expression Engine 1.2.1, which has several new administrative features I’ve been begging pMachine for. All is back up and the blog lives and breathes again. Carry on!


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 04:21 PM   
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Update: Barking Moonbat Hall Of Fame Voting

The voting is heating up in the Barking Moonbat Hall Of Fame poll. The races are tightening up ....

1. Barking Moonbat Of The Year (Individual)
-- Michael Moore is increasing his lead (with John Kerry complaining about disenfranchisement)

2. Barking Moonbat Of The Year (Organization)
-- The United Nations is moving way out in front of the Democratic Party (Kofi accused of cheating)

3. Barking Moonbat Of The Year (Country)
-- Les Frenchies in a landslide (we could only hope)

4. Barking Moonbat Of The Year (Blog)
-- Democratic Underground and MoveOn.Org are still in a dead heat (or better yet just dead)

5. Ronald Reagan Lifetime Achievement Award: Best Conservative Blog Site Of The Year
-- BMEWS has re-taken the lead over LGF, Powerline creeping up (it’s a horse race)

6. Richard Nixon Humanitarian Award: Best Humorous Conservative Blog Site Of The Year
-- BMEWS still leads IMAO by 2:1 margin (Memo to Frank J.: nanny-nanny-boo-boo!)

7. The DNC Disaster Relief Award: Who should the Democrats nominate for President in 2008?
-- A Large Flat Rock is apparently the Donks best hope (similarities to Al Gore, anyone?)

8. The RNC Final Tsunami Award: Who should the Republicans nominate for President in 2008?
-- Condi Rice builds her lead over Rudy Giuliani (Zell Miller making a challenge)

9. The Rachel Corrie Bulldozer Award: The Liberal or Leftist Most Likely to Self-Destruct Next Year?
-- Michael Moore and Kofi Annan are in a dead tie (Al Franken and Ted Kennedy closing in)

Voting Ends at Midnight, February 1.

bat Here are the Current Poll Results.


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 02:06 PM   
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Tin-Foil-Hat Entertainment

Not a day goes by but I receive at least three or four dozen e-mails from cranks, crackpots, looney liberals and other other assorted floating fecal matter in the gene pool. Some of them are extremely angry and hate-filled. Some are threatening. And then again, some of them are so full of shit that I save them for entertainment value. The one below is a prime example of the latter category. Deborah is from New York and the gamma rays have obviously penetrated her tin-foil hat, revealing to her secrets heretofore unknown to the rest of mankind. For the record, the book by DA Jim Garrison, which she says is no longer available, is available from Amazon and ships in 1-2 days.

Deborah quotes scripture yet watches “West Wing”. She has the scoop on all the Presidential history, it appears. Quite a confused lady, I think.

For the record, yours truly has been a Master Mason since 1977. I have never been told about the secret plot to take over the government or the whereabouts of the ancient treasure of the Knights Templar. I have, however, contributed my time and money through the organization to benefit widows, orphans and crippled children as well as participate in disaster relief and many other humanitarian efforts. Quite a sinister cabal aren’t we? Also, in the interests of full disclosure, I was also a Boy Scout, reaching the rank of Eagle Scout in 1965 before retiring. I guess this all means I am the personification of all things evil. I’m sure Deborah thinks so ....

Many of us where [sic] in our young teens when JFK was killed.  Therefore, many of us grew up in communities where adult Democrats and Republicans did not buy into JFK being killed by Oswald or the “one bullet theory.”

When the movie JFK came out, I did not want to see it, because I, too, did not believe the Warren Commission Report, in which many on this Commission ended up being Masons, or that of being members of other “Secret Societies.” Those who were involved, have by now, most likely, died.

In time, employees at a video store told me that I just had to see the movie, JFK.  So, I did.  This movie said that it was based on a book by DA Jim Garrison, of New Orleans, LA., which is how I came across his book, “On the Trail of the Assassins”. 

This book is no longer being published, (and, now it is VERY hard to find libraries that still have copies) in which it has now been replaced by a book, by one of his assistants, who said that Mr. Garrison was a nut and not credible! 

DA Jim Garrison was a VERY BUSY DA and did NOT go looking to become involved with the murder of President Kennedy.  This came to him.....BIG Difference!

Then I rent the movie, JFK, again; but, THIS time I notice that when he is taking his assistants down to a specific business area, as Mr. Garrison, (played by Kevin Cosner), points to these buildings in this district; that SOMETHING is missing/has been left out.

WELL, this ‘SOMETHING’ that was missing in the movie, that is in the book, on page 27, is that he points to the Masonic Lodge and says that the FBI and the CIA work out of it!!! 

Of course, we know that only “some,” in the FBI and CIA where [sic] sent there, because we WELL know that most who work for the FBI or CIA are not necessarily connected to “Secret Societies;” but, have to associate/WORK with those who DO belong to these organizations.

With those who are Mason’s being in many local/state/national government positions; this is how the route in Dallas was “able/allowed to be changed,” that JFK, and our beloved Jackie, would travel on.  And, in which, what took place on that horrible day in November, on the 22nd of 1963; would change our Country and CULTURE, for DECADES. (NO wonder that many in my generation, ‘dropped’ out of our country/governing positions, nor would serve in our militaries.) Because members of the Masons, in which Vice President Lyndon Johnson was a member, (and, who would NOW become our President), have access to authority positions, which allows them to do what they want, they can place who they want, i.e., Oswald in the book dispository building, as well as others, i.e., the men who shot from the grassy knoll, WHERE they want these people to be.

President Kennedy, as well as President Reagan, where [sic] people that people, from both parties, across America, rallied for and wanted them to represent their particular party.  Political Parties in which MOST members are NOT those who are Masons or who belong to “Secret Societies!”

President Kennedy and President Reagan were NOT for a “One World Government.”

The movie, “The Day Reagan Was Shot,” is worth your time, (in watching and REwatching it again and again), as you will come across MANY that are still making decisions and who belong to many “think tanks,” that help to present their agenda’s [sic], via BOTH parties, in order to accomplish WHAT they want, in bringing our country, more and more, under a One World Order and the United Nations.

Even though those who held high positions in these two very different parties, were NOT happy about these two men being so popular; this NOW caused those who are members of “Secret Societies,” (be it the Masons or Skull and Bones or WHATEVER!), to HAVE to ACCEPT who would be running for President.  Something, they do NOT want to happen. 

Thus, the reason for my emails and, to ESPECIALLY encourage MANY of you, from ALL Professional careers, as well as local citizens, to RUN for the various local/state/national government positions that are available in a “free society,” like our United States of America. 

Hopefully, we are still a “sovereign nation,” in which you can exercise your political viewpoints, and, NOT just one of “The America’s,” in which we NO LONGER have a U.S.of A. Constitution!

This is why President Kennedy said, that he would like to see “some new faces around the White House.”

This is why President Reagan “found,” himself having to place some of the very ones he had spoken against, (and, he did speak out AGAINST “Secret Societies"), into his administration.

Keeping in mind, that we now know that former President Gerald Ford is a Mason, as well as many who are representing our two main political parties, today.

Hopefully, because he says that he goes to church, (esp. when he pardoned President Nixon and “asked the Lord to understand"); he will, like President George Washington did, return to the faith that he was taught as a young man. 
Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

We know that President Washington died being that of a Christian, as there are no obelisks at Mount Vernon, like there is at President Thomas Jefferson’s, “Monticello,” which is used as his grave marker.

Even though, at one time, he had been a member of the Masonic Lodge, President Washington would NOT allow his body to be placed under our Capitol, which he knew those who were in our government, at that time, who belonged to the Masonic Order, wanted to take place.  They had prepared a place for his coffin to be contained in what is now the basement or a floor close to it.

He made his relatives promise that they would not allow this to happen and that he would remain at Mount Vernon. 
I have spent a considerable amount of time on the grounds at Mount Vernon and have been spent time in meeting with those who watch over her, as well as being able to take pictures of the Tomb where President George Washington and First Lady, Martha Washington, lie. 

They lie there as they await the return of Christ Jesus.  We know this by WHAT Bible verses President Washington had placed over him.

In one of the segments of “The West Wing,” the comment is made that the Washington Monument could be placed in the National Cathedral,” in which, President Bartlett says, “That’s a good idea!”

Hence, why we must MAKE those who hold ANY kind of office, come clean as to WHAT organizations/tenticles they are ‘attached’ to!  ALL POSITIONS, from the President to the Vice President, so on and so forth!

There are pictures of Vice President Cheney taken with those of the Masonic Order/Shriners; so, he is most comfortable with them.  If he is a member, I do not know.

This is why our New York Governor declined a membership in the Masonic Order.  He did his research, found out what their beliefs were and said: “No,” to the invitation to become a 33 degree member.

Through these past several years, more and more books are coming out that are now informing us of how these “Secret Societies,” have members in all areas of our government/businesses/militaries, etc.  Skull and Bones members that we know of are President G.W. Bush, former President G.H.W. Bush and Senator John Forbes Kerry.

This helps to explain why movies like “The Skulls” and “Skulls III,” are so popular with college students, nationwide, as well as young professionals.

“SKULLS III,” is about a daughter and a son who have to go against their “Skull and Bone’s Member,” father.  A movie that is also worthy of your time, no matter what your age you are!

So, MANY in the reporting/journalism profession DO know the HISTORY about the Masons and “The Illuminoni” and what they stand for.

This is why there IS still “Hope,” for our country!


Note: Any members of the Masons reading this can find two obvious lies in the paragraph above: This is why our New York Governor declined a membership in the Masonic Order.  He did his research, found out what their beliefs were and said: “No,” to the invitation to become a 33 degree member.


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Tsunami Relief

Upon reading things like this my cold heart gets colder still and I can’t help but think that these people deserve everything that happen to them.  And that goes triple for their politicians.

From what many consider to be one of the most corrupt country in the world--and infested with ragheads, we find tsunami relief aid going nowhere.

Hey!  Who’s surprised?  Go ahead!  Raise your hands! 

All this from those same ignorant fucks want us out and do not want anyone who might be remotely associated with Christian organizations to help out, either.  Couple that with their greed and corruption is it any surprise that aid packages are piling up and can’t get delivered?

Useless excuse for human beings.  All the more reason to listen to the “Tsunami Aid” song the self-righteous seem to be in a snit about. 

Kill ‘em all and let Allah sort them out.  We’ll be safer for it.

(Excuse me while I go work on my earthquake generating machine.)

Speaking of corrupt pieces of crap, check this one out, too.

(damn, one day I will have to have a day where everything I post is “happy” crap............. NAH!)

Here we have a local director of CAIR who raised a shitload of money and then went to Indonesia to dole out relief. It was in the Washington Post and dutifully reported on by a staff ass-kisser.

Over 1000 words wherein the CAIR fucktard claims to have lost 30 family members when interviewed by AP.  For VOA he says it’s at least 30. For CNN it was more than 30.  And so on and so on.

But that’s not really the point.  It’s when he begins to recount the saving of a baby and how much detail this fucktard knows about the baby’s travails.  Uncommented and gone unchallenged by the WAPO’s “alleged” “reporter” is how this assclown knew so much when all the family members are dead and the baby---well, babies can’t talk.

Basically WAPO just pulled a NY Times and invented a story.

Go read it. get annoyed.

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Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 09:35 AM   
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Homeland Security--A Joke? Or Does It Work?

Immigration.  This is really Michelle’s bailiwick and for years I’ve been reading her discuss it—the good and the bad.  Mostly the bad.

One of her latest troubles me deeply and I hope our guys do not drop the ball.

So far I have not seen lots of coverage on it but it involves an airplane forced down by homeland security officials.  The guy who owns the plane owns a flight training school.  His name is Afzal Hameed.  Guess who he’s trained?

Do I need to say more?  Read the article and its follow-ups to see what is happening here.  Disturbing.  News reports I’ve heard about these Chinese characters and the threat on Boston appear to have been brushed under the carpet by the media.  They are saying that nothing is coming of the investigation and it appears to be sour grapes by the Mexican.

Yet at the same time in which we have Homeland Security doing the above, we have them giving green cards to people dead over 3 years---and who died when the towers went down?  WTF,O?!?

How stupid, inept and inefficient can one organization be?  And why does it take over 3 years to check someone out?


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 09:12 AM   
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How Can We Ever Take Anyone In Hollywood Seriously?

By now I am sure you’ve read about the movement in Hollywood to get illegal aliens California licenses.

Never mind that a law was passed in 1993 prohibiting this.

So who is behind it?  Hollywood stars like Diane Keaton, Carlos Santana and “Million Dollar Baby” writer and producer Paul Haggis, the actors’ guilds and other moonbats.

They’ve even come up with a new Academy Award category:  ‘Best Nanny in a Supporting Role.’

I’m serious!!  Read about it here. You will also get information about this movement to “legalize illegals” and how it flies in the face of what we know about terrorism and the protection of this country.

You know, “open season” seems to be the most appropriate solution.  Not just for the illegals.  For these Hollyweirdo assholes.

But that’s not all.  It gets better.

Go read this article about the actual proposal to give licenses to illegals.  Simply incredible.  Here’s how these halfwit fuckatrds justify doing so: 

“(by) allow(ing) illegal immigrants to get a license as long as background checks found they had no criminal violations.”

How FUCKING STUPID are these people?  The simple fct that the illegals are here, in the US, is proof that THEY ARE ENGAGED IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES AND THAT, IN ITSELF, IS A CRIMINAL VIOLATION!!!!!!




God DAMN it!  I have a headache.


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 07:22 AM   
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If this law passes women may soon walk into a rest room to find transsexual, transvestites from Transylvania in there with them.  Or other perverts pretending to be transsexual transvestites from Transylvania.

What?  Where?  Yep, you guessed it...this comes from California and is called an anti-discrimination proposal.

Now sit back and ask yourself---DISCRIMINATION?!?!  What fucking planet art these moonbats from, anyway?


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 06:51 AM   
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Let’s Have Your Take On This

A company fires employees for smoking. Not on the job.  At their own home.

Are they right or wrong?  Should they be allowed?

Remember, they are a private company and should have the right to demand certain behaviors.  Especially if they foot the bill for the health care.

Remember, if you disagree with this company’s policy to hire those most representative of the image the company wants to portray you also must then insist that places like Hooters MUST hire fat, ugly women sporting lip hair as waitresses.  Or that Playboy MUST fat, ugly women sporting lip hair as centerfolds.  The argument being that Hooters and Playboy should not tell its employees what they can do on their own time---eat like pigs and get fat.

Think long on this one (libertarian values, Republican values, capitalistic values vs. Democratic values of mommy government telling us what to do.)

Be careful.

Now, fire away.

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Oh Happy Day!

Yes, election day, November 2008 will truly be a joyous day when Jerome Corsi, of SWIFTVETS fame, defeats John F**king Kerry (you remember him, right?  The loser, French looking bastard who served in Vietnam and recently went overseas to criticize our government?  Yep, that’s him!)

I contributed to John Thune’s campaign in order to help him defeated Dash-hole.  I think I see some money going Corsi’s way soon.


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 06:38 AM   
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This Is Troubling

First the President says we need more border guards.  Then comes news that the numbers he proposed would not be fully funded.  Illegal immigration is probably the most important domestic issue facing us right now.  To underfund efforts to control illegal immigration is, in itself, a crime.

But, thanks to Beermenaie, there is a partial solution. Volunteer for The Minuteman Project and patrol the border yourself in Arizona.  Hell, I am tempted.  I plan to go to Texas in early April.  Maybe a small detour????


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 01/26/2005 at 06:37 AM   
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Don’t Miss This Auction!!

Coming soon!!!

Our old pals, the Reds, are having this huge sale wherein they are getting rid of shitloads of WW II vintage weaponry.

I want some!!!

Hey, what home would not be complete without some Maksim machineguns, 76mm ZiS-3 field guns, PPSH sub-machineguns and T-34 tanks?  (and t-54s for those in the more tony areas of our country)

DAMN!  What a sight that’d be....the Benevolent Dictator rolling down the streets of Spring Hill, in his brand new, used $20,000 T-34 tank running over moonbats in their pinko-faggot economy cars.  YEEHAW!!!!

****Don’t forget to vote in our survey.  (Click here.)


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