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calendar   Wednesday - October 06, 2004

Daily Dose

Quote Of The Day

“It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.”
-- Mahatma Gandhi

On This Day In History
October 6th

1973 - Yom Kippur War Begins
Hoping to win back territory lost to Israel during the third Arab-Israeli war, Egyptian and Syrian forces launch a coordinated attack against Israel on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Taking the Israeli Defense Forces by surprise, Egyptian troops swept deep into the Sinai Peninsula, while Syria struggled to throw occupying Israeli troops out of the Golan Heights.

Israel’s stunning victory in the Six-Day War of 1967 left the Jewish nation in control of territory four times its previous size. Egypt lost the 23,500-square-mile Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip, Jordan the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and Syria the strategic Golan Heights. When Anwar el-Sadat became president of Egypt in 1970, he found himself leader of an economically troubled nation that could ill afford to continue its endless crusade against Israel. He wanted to make peace and thereby achieve stability and recovery of the Sinai, but after Israel’s 1967 victory it was unlikely that Israel’s peace terms would be favorable to Egypt. So Sadat conceived of a daring plan to attack Israel again, which, even if unsuccessful, might convince the Israelis that peace with Egypt was necessary.

In 1972, Sadat expelled 20,000 Soviet advisers from Egypt and opened new diplomatic channels with Washington, which, as Israel’s key ally, would be an essential mediator in any future peace talks. He formed a new alliance with Syria, and a concerted attack on Israel was planned.

When the fourth Arab-Israeli war began on October 6, 1973, many of Israel’s soldiers were away from their posts observing Yom Kippur, and the Arab armies made impressive advances with their up-to-date Soviet weaponry. Iraqi forces soon joined the war, and Syria received support from Jordan. After several days, Israel was fully mobilized, and the Israel Defense Forces began beating back the Arab gains at a heavy cost to soldiers and equipment. A U.S. airlift of arms aided Israel’s cause, but President Richard Nixon delayed the emergency military aid for seven days as a tacit signal of U.S. sympathy for Egypt. In late October, an Egyptian-Israeli cease-fire was secured by the United Nations.

Although Egypt had again suffered military defeat at the hands of its Jewish neighbor, the initial Egyptian successes greatly enhanced Sadat’s prestige in the Middle East and provided him with an opportunity to seek peace. In 1974, the first of two Egyptian-Israeli disengagement agreements providing for the return of portions of the Sinai to Egypt were signed, and in 1979 Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed the first peace agreement between Israel and one of its Arab neighbors. In 1982, Israel fulfilled the 1979 peace treaty by returning the last segment of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.

For Syria, the Yom Kippur War was a disaster. The unexpected Egyptian-Israeli cease-fire exposed Syria to military defeat, and Israel seized even more territory in the Golan Heights. In 1979, Syria voted with other Arab states to expel Egypt from the Arab League. On October 6, 1981, Sadat was assassinated by Muslim extremists in Cairo while viewing a military parade commemorating the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War.

1927 - “The Jazz Singer,” the first full-length talking picture, starring Al Jolson, debuted.

1949 - Japanese-American broadcaster, Iva Toguri D’Aquino (Tokyo Rose), was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10,000 for treason.

1981 - Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat was assassinated in Cairo.

1989 - Bette Davis died in France at age 81.

Today’s Birthdays

Jenny Lind, (1820–87), Swedish soprano
George Westinghouse, (1846–1914), American inventor and manufacturer
Carole Lombard, (1908-1942), Actress

Thanks to The Quotations Page - The History Channel - InfoPlease.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 05, 2004

Inventing Stories From Thin Air

You’d think the New York TImes would have enough to write about given everything that’s going on in the world but I think they are trying to pull a C-B.S. on its readers by inventing stories out of thin air. 

Take a look at this one. At first blush you read through it and think, “hmmmm, a personal interest story.” But when you get to the middle and find out the owner does not reveal names nor does he want to, you begin to wonder, “hey!  how the hell did the Times make the conclusive leap and infer these guys are dead?” But it continues to do so for the last half of the article.

How convenient that they gloss over the possibility these soldiers just abandoned their uniforms.  It’s easy enough to do:  drop off uniforms, go on exercise, get stationed to Iraq, return and forget all about them.  Hell, for all we know the soldiers got RE-ASSIGNED to a different post.

Yet the Times thinks that a man’s inability to make a phone call to the phone number on the tag or to call the post enquiring about the men, or to compare the names against a deceased list is ABSOLUTELY good enough to launch an anti-war story.  No investigations.  Nothing.  Just take it at face value and run with it.

Jayson Blair, numerous other scandals, and Blather-gate STILL have not taught the Gray Lady any manners.  I urge all conservatives to NEVER buy a New York Times or Washington Post.  Or LA Times.  Or Seattle Post-Intelligencer..  It’s the only way these fucktards will get the message.

Thanks to Best of the Web for the link!


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 10/05/2004 at 03:42 PM   
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More Fun

I really liked Vilmar’s idea of matching songs with politicians, so I’ve decided to take it one step further. As most of you know I’m a big movie fan (I have over 800 DVD’s in my collection). I got to thinking .... what movies match up with which politicians? Hmmmmmmm?

Here’s my take on the matter ....

John Kerry: “Austin Powers, International Man Of Mystery”

Teressa Heinz Kerry: “Werewolf Of London”

John Edwards: “True Lies”

George Bush: “Hang ‘Em high”

Dick Cheney: “Support Your Local Sheriff”

Ted Kennedy: “Jaws”

Michael Moore: “The Blob”

Jacques Chirac & Gerhard Schroeder: “Dumb And Dumber”

Osama bin Laden: “In Cold Blood”

Saddam Hussein: “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

James Carville: “E.T.”

Terry McAuliffe: “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”

Al Gore: “Godzilla”

Howard Dean: “Scream”

Hillary Clinton: “Monster”

Bill Clinton: “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask”

Go ahead, give me your best ideas ....



Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 10/05/2004 at 01:06 PM   
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Breaking News

You all already know that Bush/Cheney campaign headquarters in the Seattle was broken into last week and several laptops stolen.

Now, the latest breaking news .... this morning in Knoxville, Tenessee someone fired shots into the Bush/Cheney campaign heardquarters.

The DemoNazis are cranking up the violence right before the election. You folks better load up on ammo. This is going to get ugly ....

cool grin

(-- thanks to Joe R. for the tip)

Vilmar adds:

Let’s not forget the attack on Republican Headquarters in Huntington WV in early September.

Nor should we forget that the hatred the Donks have for President Bush transcends local politics and gets spewed by none other than The Breck Girl when he says,

“I’d say if you live in the United States of America and you vote for George Bush, you’ve lost your mind.”

All this from a party and a complicit ass-sucking media that says we should not have guns.  That says WE are mean spirited.  That says we attack.  That says we are spiteful.  That says we are uncaring.  That says we are rude.

OBTW, this is the same group of people that last week stole the Bush/Cheney sign from my front yard!  Yep, the party of the “LITTLE” people. alright!

More from Vilmar:

In another example of how “NICE” Dummycraps are and how they resort straight to violence whenever things do not go their way is this story out of New York where some old Donk bitch hit another woman who was carrying Bush stickers into an apartment building.


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Something Fun

For all you music freaks out there, how about we come up with a list of song titles that fit the candidates? (if some other site has already done this, please let me know because I am not aware of it!)

Submit yours (as many as you want) via a comment and I will add them to this post so everyone can see them right up front. 

This should get you started: 

---Kerry and Janis Joplin’s ‘Down on Me’

---Kerry and Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’

---W and Cream’s ‘I’m So Glad’

(Thanks to Steel for proposing this idea!!)

The List So Far

BarbKerry Fabulous Thunderbirds “Tough Enough”
Joe Jackson’s “You can’t get what you want (’till you know what you want)”
BarbKerry England Dan/John Ford Coley’s “ Love is the Answer.”
BarbBushAC/DC’s “Big Balls”
BarbKerry Joe Jackson’s “I’m a man”
SteelKerryTraffic “Dear Mr. Fantasy”
SteelBush Johhny Guitar Watson, “Compared To What?”
SteelCheney The Who, “Who Are You?”
SteelKetchup Kween Donovan, “Must Be The Season of the Witch”
SteelBush (on 11/03)Ray Charles, “Hit the Road Jack”
SteelKerry Jethro Tull, “Living in the Past”
SteelKerry/EdwardsBeatles, “(money” Can’t buy me love”
SteelDonks on 11/03Loudon Wainwright III, “Dead Skunk In The Middle of the Road”
Ill. Non Carb.Ketchup KweenThe Knack, “Good Girls Don’t (but I do)”
Ill. Non CarbKerryBeatles, “Taxman”
Ill. Non Carb.KerryOzzy, “Diary of a Madman”
AllanKerry Dr. Demento, “They’re Coming To Take Me Away”
AllanBushFour Seasons, “Walk Like a man”
AllanEdwardsSantana, “Evil Ways”
AllanCheneyDr. Hook, “Cover Of The Rolling Stone”
Mr. MinorityKetchup Kween Ted Nugent, “Cat Scratch Fever”
Mr. MinorityKerryTraffic, “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”
Mr. MinorityEdwardsPink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb”
Mr. MinorityBushArgent, “Hold Your Head Up”
Mr. MinorityCheneyPink Floyd, “Dogs of War”

For Honorable Mentions, see the comments


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 10/05/2004 at 06:41 AM   
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Fur’ners Fer The Poodle!!!!

By an overwhelming margin the assholes in Finland would prefer Fuckface to win the Presidential race next month 71% to 13%.

Really, now, what else would you expect from a classic socialist society; a place where your speeding tickets are subject to the whims of judges deciding that what you pay will be based on what you earn?

But, then again, Finland isn’t the first to come clean.  First there were the Canadians and then the French.

This is what you get when you have a shitload of trough-feeding socialists who want Mommy Government to let them suckle at her teat.  As far as they are concerned, so long as the tit is in their mouths they do not care what happens around them--until the Muslims come knocking and lop their heads off.  How quickly these moonbat assclowns forget the lessons of Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin.

Speaking of Muslims.........guess who THEY support?  (yeah, I know.  It was too easy a question!)


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 10/05/2004 at 06:27 AM   
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You Know Your Message Is Effective When….

Yep, you know you’ve hit a nerve when Kerry supporters start breaking out the peace pipes and want certain “ads” stopped in deference to those who have died.  And you know you are winning when they “DEMAND” that those who question Fuckface’s service AND his anti-war activism “shut up.”

Sorry, Fuckface lovers:  THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

Not to mention also KEEPING the United States free if we keep your ilk out of power.  Especially when they begin spouting this kind of rhetoric:

“Sure I can understand it—right. But it doesn’t matter if John Kerry made that [1971 speech] or not, they (the POWs) were still going to be tortured. They were prisoners of war.”

So Mr. Sanduskey says it doesn’t matter that Kerry maligned other soldiers, criticized our government while in uniform, or gave comfort to the enemy?  I’d like to see this asshole’s proof that POWs would have been as badly treated had Fuckface kept his mouth shut given that so many of them stated their torture increased BECAUSE of his statements.

Of course, Max Cleland wants to brush this all under the carpet and wants us to forgive Kerry.  Hell, it was 35 years ago.  At least that’s what he wants you to believe.  But what I believe is that all this brouhaha is shining a light on a subject Max and Fuckface want extinguished.  Don’t forget, Max Cleland is the multiple amputee who goes around parading that he’s a combat wounded vet when it was his own stupidity that caused his loss of limbs.

Please read this whole article.  It is excellent. 


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 10/05/2004 at 06:22 AM   
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Classic UN Foot Dragging

Israelis have unmanned spy drone film footage showing Palestinians loading rockets into UN marked ambulances and what do representatives of the UN do?  Accuse Israel of falsifying imagery!!!  At least that’s what I take from this comment made from Peter Hansen, the commissioner-general of UNRWA in Gaza who says that:

“the average weight of a Kassam rocket is 50 k.g. (120 pounds). Repeating comments he made Saturday, Hansen said “only a Goliath or world weightlifting champion” would be able to carry such a weight in one hand, as is seen on the IDF drone footage.”

Yet those rockets weight anywhere from 5.5 to 90 kilos!!!!  The question then becomes, “why is Hansen so certain they weigh 50 kilos and sticking to ONLY that argument?”

Better yet, why hasn’t a full scale investigation been launched REGARDLESS of weight?  If the PLO is using ambulances isn’t that against Geneva Conventions?  Or do Geneva Convention rules only apply to US forces in Iraqi prisons?


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 10/05/2004 at 06:20 AM   
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The Trauma of Discussing Slavery

So....why is it that whites are excluded from this conference?  The blacks say it is because the subject of slavery is too traumatic to be discussed in front of whites.

But can it be that it is because slavery was something that their Black forefathers had a hand in, profited from and actually promoted and they do not want to be reminded that they bear just as much responsibility for it as anyone else?  Or can it be that slavery is still going on and it is being done by Blacks against Blacks (with little White involvement now) and they don’t want some uppity white guys smearing that in their faces?


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 10/05/2004 at 06:18 AM   
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Daily Dose

Quote Of The Day

“Get the facts, or the facts will get you. And when you get them, get them right, or they will get you wrong.”
-- Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654 - 1734)

On This Day In History
October 5th

1892 - The Dalton Gang Wiped Out In Coffeyville, Kansas
On this day in 1892, the famous Dalton Gang attempts the daring daylight robbery of two Coffeyville, Kansas, banks at the same time. But if the gang members believed the sheer audacity of their plan would bring them success, they were sadly mistaken. Instead, they were nearly all killed by quick-acting townspeople. For a year and a half, the Dalton Gang had terrorized the state of Oklahoma, mostly concentrating on train holdups. Though the gang had more murders than loot to their credit, they had managed to successfully evade the best efforts of Oklahoma law officers to bring them to justice. Perhaps success bred overconfidence, but whatever their reasons, the gang members decided to try their hand at robbing not just one bank, but at robbing the First National and Condon Banks in their old hometown of Coffeyville at the same time. After riding quietly into town, the men tied their horses to a fence in an alley near the two banks and split up. Two of the Dalton brothers-Bob and Emmett-headed for the First National, while Grat Dalton led Dick Broadwell and Bill Powers in to the Condon Bank. Unfortunately for the Daltons, someone recognized one of the gang members and began quietly spreading the word that the town banks were being robbed. Thus, while Bob and Emmett were stuffing money into a grain sack, the townspeople ran for their guns and quickly surrounded the two banks. When the Dalton brothers walked out of the bank, a hail of bullets forced them back into the building. Regrouping, they tried to flee out the back door of the bank, but the townspeople were waiting for them there as well. Meanwhile, in the Condon Bank a brave cashier had managed to delay Grat Dalton, Powers, and Broadwell with the classic claim that the vault was on a time lock and couldn’t be opened. That gave the townspeople enough time to gather force, and suddenly a bullet smashed through the bank window and hit Broadwell in the arm. Quickly scooping up $1,500 in loose cash, the three men bolted out the door and fled down a back alley. But like their friends next door, they were immediately shot and killed, this time by a local livery stable owner and a barber. When the gun battle was over, the people of Coffeyville had destroyed the Dalton Gang, killing every member except for Emmett Dalton. But their victory was not without a price: the Dalton’s took four townspeople to their graves with them. After recovering from serious wounds, Emmett was tried and sentenced to life in prison. After 14 years he won parole, and he eventually leveraged his cachet as a former Wild West bandit into a position as a screenwriter in Hollywood.

Today’s Birthdays

Raymond A. Kroc, (1902—1984), Founder of McDonalds
Chester A. Arthur, (1829-1886), American President

Thanks to The Quotations Page - The History Channel - InfoPlease.


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calendar   Monday - October 04, 2004

I Just Really Don’t Care!

Elton John is slinging mud at Madonna.

Ask me if I give a shit.

Go ahead.


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Officially Approved Blog Site Of The Week

Go ahead. Visit this site! You won’t regret it!



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This One Is Ripe For Cheap Shots

So......what IS the reason homosexuals are against a baseball team coming to Washington D.C.?

Might it have something to do with jealousy related to how well some men can play with balls?

(sorry, the devil made me do it!) snake 


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 10/04/2004 at 04:38 PM   
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Kerry Offends Poland, Polish Soldiers Will Leave Iraq

First, here is a short outtake from the debate between President Bush and WhatsHisName ....

KERRY: The United Nations, Kofi Annan offered help after Baghdad fell. And we never picked him up on that and did what was necessary to transfer authority and to transfer reconstruction. It was always American-run. Secondly, when we went in, there were three countries: Great Britain, Australia and the United States. That’s not a grand coalition. We can do better.

LEHRER: Thirty seconds, Mr. President.

BUSH: Well, actually, he forgot Poland. And now there’s 30 nations involved, standing side by side with our American troops.

Several points need to be made here:

(1) The President was entirely correct.

(2) The Poles have contributed 2,500 troops and have had command over 6,500 in Central Iraq for two and a half years.

(3) In the two and a half years Poland has had troops in Iraq, 13 brave Polish soldiers have died.

(4) Kerry has referred to the multilateral support in Iraq from other countries as a “trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted”. The Australians are incensed at those remarks as well as other countries who support the US and who have lost troops in a cause they believe in.

(5) The Polish government has now decided to withdraw its troops in January, when UN Resolution 1546, which calls for handover of power in Iraq to a new democratic government, expires.

The Poles say they are tired and that two and a half years is enough for troop deployment in Iraq. Pardon me but I think this announcement, hot on the heels of Kerry’s remarks in the debate last week, is more than a coincidence. It seems that Kerry is not only disatisfied with President Bush but the countries who support him and he has repeatedly tried to intentionally insult our allies by calling them names and playing down their contributions to the effort to bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet Kerry claims to be able to build coalitions abroad and handle international affairs better than President Bush ?????????

John Kerry is proving to be just another Liberal, shit-flinging monkey in the Democrat zoo. Nothing he says makes sense to a person with a rational mind and the constant contradictions and name-calling have only made our job in Iraq and Afghanistan that much harder and have alienated coutries who have been solid US allies in the past.

The harm that Osama bin Laden caused our country on September 11, 2001 was painful but we have recovered and taken the initiative in the war on terror and against Osama and others of his ilk. The harm that John Kerry and the Liberal Left is doing to America will have serious ramifications both at home and abroad for a long time to come.

John Kerry MUST be stopped before he rips this country apart and completely destroys our alliances overseas. This madman will stop at nothing to get control of America .... even if it means destroying America in the process. Kerry obviously doesn’t understand the concept of a ”Pyrrhic Victory”.


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 10/04/2004 at 03:52 PM   
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