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calendar   Saturday - August 28, 2004

Barking Moonbat Trivial Pursuit

Baseball is the subject this weekend. It looks like the Montreal Expos may be moving to Washington, DC. Plans are underway and only await Bud Selig's decision at the end of the current season. I'm sure the Expos will be glad to escape Canuckistan.

Trivia question: Washington, DC had a baseball team several decades ago. They were called the Washington Senators and fans in DC referred to them as "first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League". They moved out to another town. Where are they now?

Careful, this is a trick question ....

For extra credit, try this on for size: On September 11, 1949 (I was only six months old) the Washington Senators made baseball history during a game against the New York Yankees and set a record that has not been broken to this day. What did they do on that day that is still in the record books?

Update: Ric Brandt wins the prize. He is the Official Barking Moonbat Trivial Pursuit Master Of The Week and is entitled to hold the title until next weekend when we'll have another. See the comments for the answers ....

Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 01:47 PM   
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Invasion From The Left

Bwah-hah-hah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ....................

Oldcatman here! I have hijacked the BMEWS web site this morning. If you've ever visited my blog site, you know I'm an evil Liberal who enjoys poking fun at "Interim President" Bush and his cronies, Dick (head) Cheney and Donald (duck) Rumsfeld, as well as you Conservative pin-heads. I don't really like John Kerry but it's just more fun to bash Bush.

Here's what I think of the "Barking Moonbat Early Warning System" in my latest production ....

Click the flag below to see the rest. Bwah-hah-hah-ha-ha ........

See More Below The Fold


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 12:45 PM   
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Barking Moonbat Of The Week Award

This week's award goes to an entire club of Barking Moonbats .... the Mad Mullahs in Iran. In particular, we recognize Iranian President Khatami who surprised us by informing us that countries now have a "right" to nuclear fuel. That alone deserves an award for stupidity. And why does a country that has enough oil to run its electric power plants for the next 500 years need nuclear power plants? Gee, let me guess ...... could it have anything to do with making nuclear weapons in order to bomb the "Evil Joos"? In answer to that question the Mad Mullahs only had this to say, "Naw, of course not. Trust us. Would we lie to you?"

"It's our right to have the nuclear fuel cycle — (our) intention is to produce fuel for reactors generating electricity. We don't want anything beyond this. It's our legitimate right and no country can prevent us from achieving it," Khatami told reporters.

This one's for you, Mad Mullahs.
Your stupidity is astounding.


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 12:16 PM   
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We Need Your Help

Yahoo has started covering the blogosphere and has set up a web site for links to posts from various bloggers (both liberal and conservative). We need your help in getting Yahoo to add our blog to the list. You can visit the web site here and read other bloggers like us. It's called Election Blog Roundup. You can also suggest Yahoo add BMEWS to their list by going here and submitting us.

Don't let us down, troops. We're depending on you to help us. Thanks.

Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 11:48 AM   
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Speaking Of Protestors

I felt this one was worthy of a separate posting.

In addition to the moonbats listed in the previous post NY was the scene of shitbirds like these forons who got naked to protest for more money for AIDS research.

I don't know about you but if I were a cop and they were naked, I'd use one of those loops on a stick that animal control guys use to capture wild critters. Hey, I would not take a chance knowing full well these rabid idiots might try and bite me.

Which brings up another point: why is it that society has to spend so much money researching a cure for a disease that, for all intents and purposes nowadays, is SELF-INFLICTED? Simple precautions like ABSTINENCE--hmm, what a concept--until one is very familiar with, and confident that, their partner is clean and has not engaged in any other sexual behavior with a different partner for several months. Then condom use with no roughhousing (hey, can't have it rip now, can we?) until there is no doubt wither partner is clean.

We can get into this long, in-depth discussion about risk groups, promiscuity, natural urges, etc. but I won't engage in it. You're smart enough to know what I am talking about and I am not so stupid as to think there aren't kids who contract it via the womb because of their stupid mothers or people who got it through blood transfusions--although that number is decreasing---or women/men who get it from being raped or otherwise violated. etc. etc. etc. Yes, those cases are a tragedy. But you must ask yourself, "how high a price must I pay for this cure?" Using the supposed argument that all life is precious if the lives of those with AIDS is so precious, then we should be spending billions researching ways to keep kids from drowning in pools. We should be spending billions to ensure that NO ONE dies from a bee sting or contact with a poisonous mushroom. But we don't.

Suffice it to say that my point is this: these immoral sons of bitches who do this protesting want us to spend money so they can continue their risqué behavior with no consequences for their actions. We are the ones being careful. We are the ones that don't do what sometimes the little devil on our left shoulder says we should "just because it's fun and it's NOW!"; we're the ones who don't do drugs or engage in risky sexual behavior (you know which ones I am referring to!) But they want to because they consider themselves "liberal" "with it" "cool" "intellectually open" Either that or they are pimps, prostitutes, druggies or promiscuously homosexual.

One last thing, I sure would like to find a place where I can strip away data like 1.) number of people who die every year by major disease (heart attack, lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, AIDS, leukemia, MS, etc) and 2.) how much money is spent on research for each of those areas.

Somehow I suspect that if I could find this data my gut instinct tells me we spend more, per capita, on AIDS deaths than anything else. I could be wrong but...................................... I doubt it.

Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 08:46 AM   
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Leftist Protestors in NYC

I keep seeing these stories about how the activists will attempt to disrupt the Republican Convention in NY.

First you have this group who says they will protest in Central Park even after they've been told they can't.

Another has already snarled car traffic with their bikes. They belong to a group called critical mass which started years ago as an advocacy group to increase public awareness of cycling for health and to reduce traffic and congestion. Then they moved to larger protests creating gridlock in cities like San Francisco and LA. Now they are going political. As a cyclist I hate these assholes. They ruin cycling's name.

Another group advocates violence on their web sites. Examples?

Internet sites have encouraged protestors to bring slingshots to attack police horses, and marbles that can be thrown beneath those horses' hooves to make them slip and injure themselves and their police officer riders.

Some have gone so far as to make available the handbook of the hippy protestor, the "anarchist cookbook."

In it you will find:
recipes that tell protestors how to set off sensors used to detect terrorist explosives and chemical weapons. Such detectors sounding an alarm could cause panic, mass evacuations, a disrupted convention and the loss of scarce national television prime time for the Republican message.

The Clinton administration even gave one of these groups tax exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) group! (That should come as no surprise!)

Read this to get a better idea of what these fucktwits are up to.

Also read about how Fuckface Kerry has one of these moonbats on his payroll-- Zack Exley, who was trained by and has worked as a "workshop facilitator" for The Ruckus Society.

Guess who's funded these shitbirds? Try Ted Turner and the TIDES Foundation--to the tune of $150,000 and $23,000 respectively.
"Since April 2004 Exley has been the Director of Online Communications and Online Organizing for the John Kerry-John Edwards 2004 presidential campaign organization. "

Any bets whether Fuckface will ask this guy to resign?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Let's just hope the Chief of NY Police will give his men carte blanche to bash in the skulls of any of these assholes should they do anything more than hold signs and chant. If they damage even a roadblock their bodies need to be converted into "police baton tensile strength testing devices." If they spit on or throw objects at ANYONE, baseball bats should be applied liberally to their faces and shins. Gotta make examples of these barking moonbats and what better way than a good ole Louisville Slugger. Hey, maybe Derek Jeter and Sammy Sosa can autograph a few.

Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 08:28 AM   
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Worried About Iran and It’s Nuke Power Plants?

Here's something else to give you reason to be concerned. And for it, we should probably send a thank you note to Clinton and Gore. Why?

Thanks to these disgusting moonbats, we now find that Iran is getting missile technology---------from China-----sold to them under the Clinton administration.

When? 1995.

"the Clinton administration approved the sale of GPS technology directly to a company owned by the Chinese Air Force"


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 08:20 AM   
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Economics 101 for Saturday

Do you wonder why gas prices have gone down while crude prices have gone up?

Take a gander.

Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 08:19 AM   
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The Front Lines

In keeping with our invitation to any of our troops overseas to write us with their stories and opinions, we are proud to publish our first story from one of the troops in Iraq. I'll shut up now and let Mike tell you all about it ....

Hi I’m SSg Mike ********, from Fort Myers, FL, serving with the 82nd Airborne out in Iraq. I’m 29, unmarried, and have been proud to serve in the US Army since I left Bishop Verot High School. Like all paras, I keep jumping out of good aeroplanes, so I figure I’m kinda nuts. My personal motto is “Proud to fight, fight to win”.

We’re out in Al Anbar Province, west of Baghdad. It includes a bunch of names you’ve probably heard of, like Fallujah and Ramadi. We call it The Badlands. Most every day some towelhead hero is using us for target practice. Sometimes we lose a guy, and often someone gets injured. Sometimes we can’t hit back, for operational reasons. But if the officers do let us get up close and personal, the towelhead dies. Nobody messes with the “All-American” if they want to collect their pension.

Not that it’s a healthy place for us. Living in pup tents in some goddam desert, nothing as far as the eye can see. One of the guys from Utah says it’s just like home, except you can’t buy a beer and there’s no Burger King.

There’s a sandstorm at the moment, so at least the jeehaadis can’t see us.

Not that we can see anything either. It’s like a dark orange fog that tastes like metal. It gets everywhere, into your clothes, hair, food, bedding.

Still, you shouldn’t join Uncle Sam’s army if you can’t take a joke.

What’s not a joke is the way we’re not allowed to fight properly. Look how we had to back out of Fallujah before the job was done. Now the same thing with that Al Sadr in his mosque. They should have sent in the 82nd. Why?

Here’s a clue. Paras are deadly-accurate riflemen and I guarantee they’ll hit every jeehaadi – our kill-ratio exceeds rockets. That's right! Two reasons. One, we are trained marksmen and we carry close-combat optics on our rifles; anyone comes within range of us and fires, we can quickly target them and take them out. Second, we like to get up close and personal. Not like helicopters and tanks shooting from a mile away, they don’t know what they’re hitting, enemy, empty buildings, could be anything. We are trained to operate in risky situations with minimum equipment, so we go in to 200 yards or less, where we can see their eyes, that is until we make their face explode. Like I said, we would have taken that mosque 2 weeks ago.

Guys, we really appreciate all the support we get from people like you back home. Kinda makes a change from all those whining peace hippies. My Bishop Verot Vikings coach always used to say “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Should have added “And the girlies start crying”. So we appreciate the patriotic support from sites like yours, and the emails, and the parcels. It keeps reminding us that we represent the greatest country in the world. That’s how every United States soldier usually can keep smiling.

Thanks, guys!


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/28/2004 at 06:14 AM   
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Daily Dose

Quote Of The Day

"You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you."
-- Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983)

On This Day In History

August 28, 1879 - Zulu King Captured
King Cetshwayo, the last great ruler of Zululand, is captured by the British following his defeat in the British-Zulu War. He was subsequently sent into exile. Cetshwayo's defiance of British rule in southern Africa led to Britain's invasion of Zululand in 1879. In 1843, Britain succeeded the Boers as the rulers of Natal, which controlled Zululand, the neighboring kingdom of the Zulu people. Boers, also known as Afrikaners, were the descendants of the original Dutch settlers who came to South Africa in the 17th century. Zulus, a migrant people from the north, also came to southern Africa during the 17th century, settling around the Tugela River region. In 1838, the Boers, migrating north to elude the new British dominions in the south, first came into armed conflict with the Zulus, who were under the rule of King Dingane at the time. The European migrants succeeded in overthrowing Dingane in 1840, replacing him with his son Mpande, who became a vassal of the new Boer republic of Natal. In 1843, the British took over Natal and Zululand. In 1872, King Mpande died and was succeeded by his son Cetshwayo, who was determined to resist European domination in his territory. In December 1878, Cetshwayo rejected the British demand that he disband his troops, and in January British forces invaded Zululand to suppress Cetshwayo. The British suffered grave defeats at Isandlwana, where 1,300 British soldiers were killed or wounded, and at Hlobane Mountain, but on March 29 the tide turned in favor of the British at the Battle of Khambula. King Cetshwayo was subsequently captured and sent into exile, but in 1883 he was reinstated to rule over part of his former territory. However, because of his defeats he was discredited in the eyes of his subjects, and they soon drove him out of Zululand. He died in exile in the next year. In 1887, faced with continuing Zulu rebellions, the British formally annexed Zululand, and in 1897 it became a part of Natal, which joined the Union of South Africa in 1910.

Today's Birthdays

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (1749–1832), German poet, dramatist, novelist, and scientist

Thanks to The Quotations Page - The History Channel - The Biography Channel.

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calendar   Friday - August 27, 2004


I am getting sick and damned tired of the trolls who come here, spout their shit and contribute nothing.

In accordance with the BMEWS Constitution, I am hereby promoting myself from Minister Of Propaganda to SECRETARY OF WAR.

Screw this "Secretary Of Defense" shit. I'll leave that to Rumsfeld (I am his evil twin). This country really started to get f**ked up when we changed the name of the Secretary Of War to Secretary Of Defense. Defense .... bullshit! I ain't defending squat. I'm taking the war to the enemy and I'll frag his ass every chance I get.

P.S. The "Fuzzy-Wuzzy Bear" pissant has become the first target of my new "pre-emptive strike" strategy. I'm sure he will be back just like any other terrorist but I have an entire arsenal of weapons at my disposal. All he has is a warped mind and too much free time.

Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/27/2004 at 08:46 PM   
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Saturday Surprise

Pay attention, everyone! We have invited a member of the "loyal opposition" to be a guest blogger here tomorrow. Who is he? Well, I'll give you a few hints ....

1. He's old and cranky .... like me.

2. He lives in Colorado.

3. He hates George W. Bush.

4. He has posted some very entertaining picture shows on his own blog site.

5. His initials are O-C-M.

Give up?

Check back tomorrow when OCM takes on BMEWS with an all new picture show.

Final Hint (click on the picture if you really give up):


Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/27/2004 at 08:35 PM   
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A Message For You From Ed Gillespie

We are only days away from the opening proceedings of what will be one of the most important political conventions in our country's history.

We are going to honor the courage of our nation, the compassion of our people and the promise of our future.

We will provide stark contrast in this election, while John Kerry continues to try and have it both ways.

Shadow groups formed for the expressed purpose of defeating President Bush and electing John Kerry have spent $63 million attacking the president, while John Kerry remained silent. But when anti-Kerry groups began to run ads against him, he thunders in righteous indignation.

John Kerry can't have it both ways.

He can't say that somebody in Swift Boat Veterans for Truth knowing somebody who knows Karl Rove is proof of illegal coordination--when his former campaign manager works for three of the 527s attacking the President; when an executive committee member of the Democratic National Committee heads The Media Fund; and when the chairman of the Democratic Convention also heads Moving America Forward, a pro-Kerry 527.

John Kerry can't have it both ways.

John Kerry can't say that Ben Ginsberg providing legal advice to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth while serving as outside counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign is evidence of illegal coordination when Bob Bauer serves as legal counsel to both the Kerry campaign and America Coming Together, and Joe Sandler serves as General Counsel to the Democratic National Committee and to and Moving America Forward all at the same time.

Bob Bauer and Joe Sandler are not likely to resign any time soon, but I respect Ben for deciding to do so.

John Kerry can't have it both ways.

We are a party of ideas and our President has led in providing solutions to the challenges we face.

The American people recognize the President's commitment to getting results. In a Los Angeles Times poll released today, 52% of registered voters--not likely, but registered voters--approve of the job that President Bush is doing and has him now with a three-point lead over Senator Kerry as we go in to our convention.

The poll shows 15% of Democrats crossing party lines in support of President Bush. Senator Zell Miller will be giving voice to a lot of voters here Wednesday night.

In Boston, Senator Kerry missed an opportunity to outline his vision for the future choosing instead to look back. In New York, we won't spend all our time looking backward. We will talk about the new challenges we face as a nation and new policies to address them.

And we will win in November.



Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/27/2004 at 07:24 PM   
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An Excellent New Blogger

Friends, it isn't often that I get excited about a new blog site but this is a special occasion. Please take time to visit Republican Voices. It is an excellent blog site with a unique twist that I can really appreciate. They have a chat room and publish a newsletter (yeah, on real paper). There are several really great articles and posts too.

What is unique about this blogger?

1. He is a conservative in Massachusetts

2. He is only eleven years old.

I'll let him tell you about himself in his own words ....

The editor of this website prefers to stay anonymous as he, being 11 years old, is still a hostage to the American public school system. You might think: how silly it is to hide one's political views, as if we lived in a dictatorship.

Well, in a small liberal town in Massachusetts, this is exactly the case. Living in an era of political patronage in the job market and education this is the only wise way to hide all I have to say about politics from the oppressive majority.

You will read in my future columns about the realities of the American public schools and will go directly inside the system.

I decided to make this website when I saw this, (take a few seconds looking at the upside down flag on this liberal website). I took this image as personally offensive to me. Being a proud patriot, I could not believe how Americans can offend Americans. I realized that a new type of culture had formed in the United States which is called liberalism.

Liberalism some time ago may have even been a clever idea but it has been turned into a mostly un-patriotic group of Americans who want to isolate our military. Instead of supporting disarming Saddam Hussein and other terrorists, the liberals have been attacking our Commander-in-Chief and dividing our country.

I realized, that it would not help just sitting in an armchair and reviewing all of the news on the computer or on TV. It would not change anything by using political action tools that have already been made by the organizations. It was time to make a major step in citizen involvement and show the Americans the truths of modern liberalism. I wanted to respond to this immoral act of putting a flag up side down on a website that many American view everyday.

I decided that I want to show the country what liberalism really is through my columns. Everything is possible, through heavy research of liberal books, websites etc. Everything can be found and I feel a responsibility to reveal all of this to America and stop liberalism from spreading.


Emil Levitin, Editor

There is hope for America's children after all.

Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/27/2004 at 06:57 PM   
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