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calendar   Saturday - August 21, 2004

Passive-Aggressive Mole

We have a mole on the site, folks. This mole exhibits passive-aggressive behavior ("A person with this disorder may appear to comply with another's wishes, and may even say that he wants to do what he has agreed to do, but the requested action is either performed too late to be helpful, performed in a way that is useless, or otherwise sabotaged to express anger about compliance that isn't related verbally" - A.D.A.M.). The mole has a stockpile of every anti-Bush, anti-America, Leftist argument ever made but pretends to be understanding. This disingenuous behavior is compounded by a clever disguise.

This individual calls him/herself "Stacey" and is using a fake e-mail address (no registration at Yahoo) and is spoofing their IP address by routing in through one of Verizon's DSL customers in Reston, VA. He or she is possibly connecting in from overseas and using a mail relay. It is not worth my time to investigate further.

I have wasted too much time already talking to this individual and see no reason to continue. I refuse to speak to someone who goes to all that trouble to hide their identity. There has to be a reason.

What is the reason for the secrecy, Stacey? Wanna come clean and tell us who you really are and where you really are? You already know all of us and where we live - how 'bout a little 'quid pro quo' .. if you can understand what the truth really is, that is? Note: this is not an 'ad hominem' but a request for honesty on your part. If you want to play here you have to be up-front with us.

I advise everyone else here not to waste any more time on this person but as usual, you are free to do as you please. I'll leave his/her comments as a perfect example of subtle propaganda. Do as you will with them ....

Update: Someone calling himself Wayne Melnick has just opened an e-mail accout at Yahoo with the "handle" that Stacey has been using, obviously after reading this post. What a wanker ....

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Daily Dose

Quote Of The Day

"There are a terrible lot of lies going around the world, and the worst of it is half of them are true."
-- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

On This Day In History

August 21,1959 - Hawaii Becomes 50th State
The modern United States receives its crowning star when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a proclamation admitting Hawaii into the Union as the 50th state. The president also issued an order for an American flag featuring 50 stars arranged in staggered rows: five six-star rows and four five-star rows. The new flag became official July 4, 1960.

August 21, 1883 Trial Of Frank James Begins In Missouri
The trial of Frank James begins in Gallatin, Missouri. It was held in the city opera house in order to accommodate the crowds of spectators. After having robbed dozens of banks and trains over nearly two decades, Frank James finally turned himself in October 1882. Discouraged by the murder of his brother Jesse the previous spring, Frank feared it was only a matter of time before someone also shot him in the back for reward money. He decided to try his chances with the courts, hoping that his considerably public popularity would win him a short sentence. Frank's trial went even better than he had hoped. Although Frank and Jesse James and their gang of desperados had killed many people, the majority of Missourians saw them as heroes who took money from ruthless bank and railroad companies and redistributed it to the poor. The state prosecutor had a difficult time finding jurors who were not prejudiced in Frank's favor. Looking at the panel of potential jurors, he concluded, "The verdict of the jury that is being selected is already written." After the trial began, several prominent witnesses testified to Frank's character. General Joseph O. Shelby, who had known him during his days as a Civil War guerilla, encouraged the jurors to see Frank James as a defender of the South against corrupt big businesses from the North. When asked to identify Frank in the courtroom, the distinguished general exclaimed: "Where is my old friend and comrade in arms? Ah, there I see him! Allow me, I wish to shake hands with my fellow soldier who fought by my side for Southern rights!" Rural Missourians were unwilling to convict the legendary Frank James. The jury found him not guilty. The states of Alabama and Missouri tried to convict him twice more, on charges of armed robbery, with no success. In late 1883, Frank James became a free man. He lived quietly for 32 more years. The only shots he ever fired again were from starter pistols at county racetracks, one of the handful of odd jobs he took to earn a living. He died at his family home in Missouri in 1915 at the age of 72.

Today's Birthdays

Count Basie, (1904–1984), American jazz pianist, bandleader, and composer
Wilt Chamberlain, (1936–1999), American basketball player, born in Philadelphia

Thanks to The Quotations Page - The History Channel - The Biography Channel.

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One Of Our Readers Sounds Off

Occasionally one of our readers leaves a comment that deserves a full post by itself. Bob has done that in response to the "Kerry Meltdown" post. I'll let him tell you in his own words ....

What if? What if Kerry does win the election and then he abandons his "Band of Brothers" like he did 35 years ago in Vietnam. I wonder if the truth would come out from these guys about the real Lt Jg Kerry.

Leadership...being a leader. Being a commander of a Swift Boat, like Lt. Jg Kerry was, means he was the leader of his men. He was responsible for the training, morale, fitness, well being, and most of all the lives of those men under his command. He was the Officer in Charge and had the responsibility. His job and duty was to see these guys made it through the war and accomplished the missions assigned to them. On that Swift Boat he was the Old Man, the boss, the CO. How did Lt Jg Kerry accept his responsibilities? Lets see, the first chance he got he left his men high and dry. Your fighting a war and you have put your life in this guys hands and suddenly, without warning, he is gone. Not because of higher headquarters orders but because he found a way out in the system and took it. He didn't have to take it but he did. How many NCO's and Officers could have taken early returns on deployments but refused because they wouldn't leave their men behind. I once had to order a young NCO back to the states while on a deployment because his wife was due to have their baby very soon and there was the chance of complications. He didn't want to leave because his aircraft and people were still there and he felt his place was with them. BTW, baby and wife came through it ok.

Now I want you to put yourself in the places of these enlisted men on Kerry's Swift Boat. Here you are stuck in this forsaken country for at least one year and an officer, a rich kid from an influential family, is your Skipper and suddenly after 4 months he is gone, on his way back to the states. What would you have said or done 35 years ago when this happened? Being an enlisted man myself, I know what these men would have said and it wasn't "good luck". Those guys, the ones on stage with him now, would have probably fragged him in a heart beat...fragging is when the troops kill their own officers because they are untrustworthy. And then, to top it off, this officer, your former leader is telling the world that YOU murdered innocent people, YOU were war criminal, YOU are a lowlife. You tell me how you would have felt if you were one of those men? Your C.O. just betrayed you to the world and fabricated falsehoods to further his goals. And, now tell me why those men are now standing with him on stage, supporting him, and singing his praises? We all know the answer, they are either being bought off or are most likely promised some type of reward or compensation. If Kerry wins they feel they will have direct access to the White House. That is a very powerful thing to have, especially to someone whose life has basically been a nobody. I hope these guys realize that if Kerry looses that the Democrats will not remember them for their faithful service to John Kerry during his presidential bid. No sir, they will remember them as the baby killers of Vietnam because once their "war hero" is out of the picture, they will go back to hating anything connected with the military and Vietnam. It's funny though how his fellow officers, the ones who stayed and led their men through the war, are not singing his praises but condemning his actions. The leaders, the ones who cared for their men and did their time in-country, his peers and his superiors, all say he is a liar and cannot be trusted to lead as he is not a leader.

Damn, Bob! I couldn't have said it better.

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calendar   Friday - August 20, 2004

The Kerry Meltdown

John Kerry has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) over the Swift Boat Vets. He stood by while Michael Moore bashed Bush with his crockumentary "F-9/11" and stood on the stage while Whoopi Goldberg used drunken profanity to attack Bush. Now, all of a sudden he is crying "foul" and whining. Suddenly Kerry has a thin skin. I'll say it again, what is this man trying to hide?

Is this the man you want for President?

In another news story today, Kerry hired the communications manager from to manage his campaign's internet communications. Talk about suspicious connections? This one is a smoking gun, my friends. Kerry has hired the head of the major Bush-bashers blog site to head his internet communications. Get real, Mr. Kerry. You have exposed yourself for the vicious hypocrite you actually are. How do you sleep at night?

The Kerry Meltdown is in full progress as the man shows his true colors. He is an elitist, spoiled brat who managed to build a false reputation during four months in Vietnam and has spent the last twenty years in the Senate kissing Ted Kennedy's butt and attempting to destroy the US Military with his voting (when he can be forced to attend the Senate) and marrying rich widows. The sleaze and slime on this man are starting to show clearly.

One of our visitors here at BMEWS has questioned why we don't cover Kerry's record for the last twenty years instead of his Vietnam record. The answer is simple: we covered his Senate record in excruciating detail. See Vilmar's extensive posts exposing John Kerry 's record in the Senate. There's plenty there to make anybody nauseous, unless you're a die-hard Leftist who thinks Kerry is above criticism. Think on that for a minute, Stacey and go read Vilmar's dossier on Kerry. You came here late in the game but there is no reason why you can't educate yourself now .... before it's too late.

And while you're at it, Stacey, consider this .... President Bush has quietly stood by and let the Bush-bashers have their fun without complaint. He has stood up under the fury of the Leftists and not even bothered to acknowledge their hatred. He is holding himself above the fray, so to speak. That speaks volumes to me about the man and his character. Comapre that to Kerry's whining and complaining. I know who is the better man .... do you?

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Kerry and Cambodia


Get ready, this is a long one and has been building for several days and I've held off saying anything but I just read that the fucking slimeball Kerry and his Satanic Minions are now demanding that the publisher of the book written by the SBWAK be withdrawn from sale. has also written to Amazon, Wal-Mart and Barnes&Noble asking them not to display the book.

What the fuck is this? The Spanish Inquisition? (please, no Monty Python jokes. I am NOT in the mood!)


Lately, unless you've lived under a rock, you've seen the media sucking The Poodle's ass by not aggressively going after what really happened in Cambodia. We all know this self-same media HOUNDED President Bush when he was accused of being AWOL, a term still used by the left and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be false. All this based on hearsay and innuendo.

So now we get word about how Kerry's exploits in Cambodia and Vietnam may be less than truthful from MANY vets who document and footnote all they say in their book and the media snores.

Now, for Cambodia. First The Poodle says his visit took place on Christmas 1968 (AND DEEPLY SEARED INTO HIS MEMORY, too!) When questioned about this, Kerry's supporters came out in force to say it was AFTER Christmas.

Then it was a couple of missions.

Then it was four missions.

Then it was NEAR Cambodia.

Then it was MAYBE in Cambodia.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for Kerry, himself, to answer the questions.

Here's a bit of background on this whole mess. Faithful readers of FrontPageMag; WorldetDaily, etc may have already seen some of this but let's refresh a bit, shall we?

We'll start with one of Kerry's ass suckers who works for The Boston Globe. Check out the title of the article [KERRY disputes Allegations On Cambodia]. Then read it to see if ANYWHERE in it KERRY actually disputed anything. His campaign did. Not him.

And so we begin in typical fashion with the lies and deceptions of the left.

OBTW, the author is the one who reportedly was allegedly paid to write the jacket for Kerry's book. Nice and impartial, eh?
"During John Kerry's service in Vietnam, many times he was on or near the Cambodian border and on one occasion crossed into Cambodia at the request of members of a special operations group operating out of Ha Tien"

You notice it, too? No dates. And it was MANY times.

Americans should have gotten a clue that Kerry would turn on his own veterans when he first tried to get his crew to write a telegram to the Chief of Naval Services, Admiral Zumwalt which said:
"Merry Christmas from the troops that weren't in Cambodia, which was us. We were."

You notice how he wanted OTHERS to do this but he didn't have the balls to do it himself? And as an officer, isn't that walking the fine line of insubordination?

Then there's this:
Separately, according to Meehan's statement, Kerry crossed into Cambodia on a covert mission to drop off special operations forces. In an interview, Meehan said there was no paperwork for such missions and he could not supply a date.

How convenient, eh?

Another crew member (allegedly on Kerry's side) said that he:
vividly recalled an occasion on which Kerry and the crew chased an enemy to the Cambodian border but did not go beyond the border. Yet Medeiros said he could not recall dropping off special forces in Cambodia or going inside Cambodia with Kerry.

So, dear reader. If you read the headline of this article and then the article, how much disputing of the Cambodia story did KERRY actually do? And really, how much was there in all those words to prove he actually did so?

Let's move on.

Next we have a piece by Tony Blankley drawing a parallel between one of Hollywood's biggest leftist twits, Martin Sheen, and The Poodle.

Here we find The Poodle on record in the Congressional Record as saying:
"On more than one occasion, I, like Martin Sheen in "Apocalypse Now," took my patrol boat into Cambodia. In fact, I remember spending Christmas Eve, 1968, five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies, who were drunk and celebrating Christmas ... But nowhere in "Apocalypse Now" did I sense that kind of absurdity ... "

Yep, Kerry likens himself to Martin Sheen. Are we to take the leap of faith that since Sheen, as an actor playing like he was in Cambodia and is now playing like he is President, that Kerry, who SAYS he was in Cambodia will also say that it proves he should be president, too?

It gets better. The Poodle's staff, in addition to their faux pas of claiming Kerry was vice chair of the intelligence committee when it was really the OTHER Kerrey, goes on to say this about the Cambodia thing that The Poodle was :
"somewhere on the Mekong River, which separates Cambodia from Vietnam"

Guess what, you lackey shit birds? The Mekong does not separate these two countries!!!

Then from Kerry's biographer we find out that although it may not have been Christmas when Kerry was in Cambodia:
"Kerry went into Cambodian waters three or four times in January and February, 1969, on clandestine missions. He had a run dropping off U.S. Navy Seals, Green Berets and CIA guys." The missions were not armed attacks on Cambodia, Mr. Brinkley informed the newspaper, and he had not included these secret missions in his biography of John Kerry. "He was a ferry master, a drop off guy, but it was dangerous as hell."

OOOOOH! Dangerous!!! I'm scared.

Tony ends his piece with this:
I love the smell of political lies in the morning. ... The smell, you know ... smells like ... defeat.

Well, maybe this will be the beginning of the end to this shitbird and his accomplices in the media.

From Art Moore we have this one which mentions that Douglas Brinkley's "Tour of Duty." (yep, the same biographer referenced above.) Kerry insisted he was wounded and got a Purple Heart for actions on December 2, 1968 but the journals and notes HE, KERRY provided Brinklery say different. In the book that the mission in question:
"commenced when , Kerry "had just turned 25, on Dec. 11, 1968," which was nine days after the incident in which he claimed he had been wounded by enemy fire."

Here's what is said:
"They pulled away from the pier at Cat Lo with spirits high, feeling satisfied with the way things were going for them. They had no lust for battle, but they also were not afraid. Kerry wrote in his notebook, 'A cocky feeling of invincibility accompanied us up the Long Tau shipping channel because we hadn't been shot at yet, and Americans at war who haven't been shot at are allowed to be cocky."

The article goes on about the Cambodia business and how this biographer is now re-writing that scenario for Kerry. It also disputes accounts of Kerry having been shot at.

Give it a read. It's worth it.

DAMN. I am worn out, pissed off, angry, furious, seething, foaming-at-the-mouth-wanting-to-kill-something MAD!

{{{calms down when he thinks of the gun show he's going to on Sunday with a pocketful of checks and credit cards}}}

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Swift Boat Veterans Attacked By NY Times

The New York Times comes out swinging against the Swift Boat Veterans. It seems their Liberal candidate is taking friendly fire and the Moonbats at the NYTimes are prepared to defend his honor (article requires registration).
Records show that the group received the bulk of its initial financing from two men with ties to the president and his family - one a longtime political associate of Mr. Rove's, the other a trustee of the foundation for Mr. Bush's father's presidential library. A Texas publicist who once helped prepare Mr. Bush's father for his debate when he was running for vice president provided them with strategic advice. And the group's television commercial was produced by the same team that made the devastating ad mocking Michael S. Dukakis in an oversized tank helmet when he and Mr. Bush's father faced off in the 1988 presidential election.
That's a pretty tenuous connection to President Bush. What about the connections between Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg and John Kerry? Hmmmmm ...?
Mr. Hoffmann's phone calls led them to Texas and to John E. O'Neill, who at one point commanded the same Swift boat in Vietnam, and whose mission against him dated to 1971, when he had been recruited by the Nixon administration to debate Mr. Kerry on "The Dick Cavett Show."

Mr. O'Neill, who pressed his charges against Mr. Kerry in numerous television appearances Thursday, had spent the 33 years since he debated Mr. Kerry building a successful law practice in Houston, intermingling with some of the state's most powerful Republicans and building an impressive client list. Among the companies he represented was Falcon Seaboard, the energy firm founded by the current lieutenant governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, a central player in the Texas redistricting plan that has positioned state Republicans to win more Congressional seats this fall.
Aha! Now you have even established a connection to the evil Republicans in Texas who forced the peace-loving Democrats to leave the state recently to avoid redistricting. That's a real stretch, guys. Have you been talking to Michael Moore or Oliver Stone about this conspiracy theory?
The group's arguments have foundered on other contradictions. In the television commercial, Dr. Louis Letson looks into the camera and declares, "I know John Kerry is lying about his first Purple Heart because I treated him for that injury." Dr. Letson does not dispute the wound - a piece of shrapnel above Mr. Kerry's left elbow - but he and others in the group argue that it was minor and self-inflicted.

Yet Dr. Letson's name does not appear on any of the medical records for Mr. Kerry. Under "person administering treatment" for the injury, the form is signed by a medic, J. C. Carreon, who died several years ago. Dr. Letson said it was common for medics to treat sailors with the kind of injury that Mr. Kerry had and to fill out paperwork when doctors did the treatment.

Asked in an interview if there was any way to confirm he had treated Mr. Kerry, Dr. Letson said, "I guess you'll have to take my word for it."
The NYTimes take someone's word for it? You've got to be kidding. The only people they believe are Leftist liars and Hollyweirdos.
The Silver Star was awarded after Mr. Kerry's boat came under heavy fire from shore during a mission in February 1969. According to Navy records, he turned the boat to charge the Vietcong position. An enemy solider sprang from the shore about 10 feet in front of the boat. Mr. Kerry leaped onto the shore, chased the soldier behind a small hut and killed him, seizing a B-40 rocket launcher with a round in the chamber.

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth describes the man Mr. Kerry killed as a solitary wounded teenager "in a loincloth," who may or may not have been armed. They say the charge to the beach was planned the night before and, citing a report from one crew member on a different boat, maintain that the sailors even schemed about who would win which medals.
The plot thickens. If Kerry and friends were planning medals, how do we know Kerry wasn't planning to get three scratches, three Purple Hearts and a ticket home after only four months. I'm surprised it took Kerry a whole four months to implement his plan.
"I went to university and was called a baby killer and a murderer because of guys like Kerry and what he was saying," said Van Odell, who appears in the first advertisement, accusing Mr. Kerry of lying to get his Bronze Star. "Not once did I participate in the atrocities he said were happening."

As Mr. Lonsdale explained it: "We won the battle. Kerry went home and lost the war for us.
Now we get to the root of the problem and why the Swift Boat Veterans are doing this at the very end of the article. There's really no Bush connection and no greed for money .. they're just pissed. And I don't blame them. Kerry has touted his war record all over the place but there are too many unanswered questions about that service. Maybe it's time for Mr. Kerry to answer these questions instead of attacking the people asking them. Eh, Mr. Kerry?

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Update From Najaf

This is the enemy ....

This is the message sent to the enemy ....

Any questions??

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Daily Dose

Quote Of The Day

"The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles."
-- Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982)

On This Day In History

August 20, 1940 - Trotsky Assassinated In Mexico
Exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is fatally wounded by an ice-ax-wielding assassin at his compound outside Mexico City. The killer--Ramon Mercader--was a Spanish communist and probable agent of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Trotsky died from his wounds the next day.

August 20, 1968 - Soviets Invade Czechoslovakia
On the night of August 20, 1968, approximately 200,000 Warsaw Pact troops and 5,000 tanks invade Czechoslovakia to crush the "Prague Spring"--a brief period of liberalization in the communist country. Czechoslovakians protested the invasion with public demonstrations and other non-violent tactics, but they were no match for the Soviet tanks. The liberal reforms of First Secretary Alexander Dubcek were repealed and "normalization" began under his successor Gustav Husak

August 20, 1982 - U.S. Marines Deployed To Lebanon
During the Lebanese Civil War, a multinational force including 800 U.S. Marines lands in Beirut to oversee the Palestinian withdrawal from Lebanon. It was the beginning of a problem-plagued mission that would stretch into 17 months and leave 262 U.S. servicemen dead.

Today's Birthdays

Oliver Hazard Perry, (1785–1819), American naval officer
Benjamin Harrison, (1833-1901), 23rd U.S. President

Thanks to The Quotations Page - The History Channel - The Biography Channel.

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calendar   Thursday - August 19, 2004

An Open Invitation

Vilmar and I have discussed this several times and we have decided the time is ripe to issue an invitation to our troops overseas. We know you guys and gals over there are reading us here and several times you have left comments about the situation over there. We honor you all. Believe that.

We would like to hear your side of things in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea or wherever you may be overseas.

Therefore, Vilmar and I are issuing an open invitation to any member of our Armed Forces overseas who wishes to speak out to do so. We want to hear your story. We will publish your thoughts, diaries, etc. here for all our readers. This is your chance to let your voice be heard. We understand the hardships most of you are facing (Vilmar and I have both been there, done that) and we want to give you a chance to talk to the people back home. We have over a thousand people visiting this blog site every day. Most of them would welcome a perspective from the war on terror from the folks who are "at the front".

Send us your stories, commentaries, jokes .... whatever you want. If you want to just broadcast a message to a sweetheart or wife of husband, send it to us. We'll post it here. If you want to remain anonymous, we'll take care of that too. We will not censor or edit anything you submit.

Talk to us, troops. Tell us what's on your minds over there. It's for damned sure Dan Rather couldn't care less what you're going through but Vilmar and I GIVE A SHIT .. and you can take that to the bank.

E-Mail either Vilmar or Allan here and we will publish your story. OOOH-RAH!

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Earth Out of Balance?

How can we ever forget Al Gore? The EX (thank God!) Vice President. The screaming whack-job. The sore loser. The author of "Earth in the Balance." The promoter of fuel conservation vs. exploration.

Well, Al Gore goes to Oregon for a family thing. He gets a speeding ticket (a vengeful Republican cop? One can only hope!)

Now, here's the rub.

He was ticketed for 75 in a 55.

You're wondering......."so?"

Think about it. 20 miles over the speed limit. What is it they say? Every 10 MPH over 55 wastes 10% more fuel?

This? From Gaia, Earth Mother loving Al Gore? The man who won't allow us to drill for more oil and says we should all be driving small cars to save fuel?

Oh, and before I forget--he was driving a LINCON TOWN CAR!!!!! At 75 they get about 22 MPG.

Why wasn't he driving a Prius? Or a Geo Metro? Or a VW Golf with a diesel engine (which gets about 50 MPG)

Once again, a DUMMYCRAP in full hypocritical bloom.

One more thing: I checked Astoria's newspaper. NO MENTION of the ticket!!!

But I did get a copy of the ticket.

Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/19/2004 at 03:40 PM   
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Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

John Kerry is hopping mad at the Swift Boat veterans who are coming out against him ....
Speaking of the organization airing the ads that challenge his war record, Kerry said, "Of course, this group isn't interested in the truth and they're not telling the truth. ...

"But here's what you really need to know about them. They're funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Republican contributor out of Texas. They're a front for the Bush campaign. And the fact that the President won't denounce what they're up to tells you everything you need to know. He wants them to do his dirty work."

Bush spokesman Steve Schmidt said, "That charge leveled by Senator Kerry is absolutely and completely false."

"The Bush campaign has never and will never question John Kerry's service in Vietnam. The president has referred to John Kerry's service as noble service," the Bush spokesman said.

Kerry said, "Of course, the president keeps telling people he would never question my service to our country. Instead, he watches as a Republican-funded attack group does just that. Well, if he wants to have a debate about our service in Vietnam, here is my answer: 'Bring it on.'"
What a mealy-mouthed, two-faced mother f**ker Kerry is. I'm starting to get real pissed at this vermin from Taxachusetts.

Where was John Kerry when MoveOn.Org compared Bush to Hitler?

Where was John Kerry when the media went after Bush over his National Guard record?

I don't recall John Kerry ever denouncing any of these groups and their shady, villainous attacks on President Bush. Do you?

This man is a rat fink of the worst sort. He stands by and allows these organizations and Hollweirdos like Whoopi Goldberg to launch vicious, profane attacks on President Bush and even encourages them by appearing with them publicly. Then he has the audicity to whine about his former comrades outing him on his war record? Kerry is a hypocritical piece of shit and doesn't deserve to even run for President, much less become President.

The man is a classic version of "do as I say, not as I do". Until he denounces all the groups attacking President Bush I think he should just shut the f** up and President Bush should just tell him to go f**k himself. It's time for Bush to apply the Cheney Therapy to Kerry.

Go on "W". Tell him what you really think (and what all of us think too). Here, I'll help you ....

"Senator Kerry, why don't you just f**k off and die, shithead!"

Posted by The Skipper   United States  on 08/19/2004 at 01:53 PM   
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A Question For You

Imagine this: a catastrophe strikes the United States (earthquake, nuclear bomb, tidal wave, another terrorist attack (you choose anything you want)

In the process, the White House, Statue of Liberty, Arch of St Louis, Needle in Seattle, or Bridge in Bronx or San Francisco gets destroyed.(again choose which one you want)

Americans are shocked. But being resilient, decide it is best for the National Psyche to rebuild.

So, if the statue of Liberty is destroyed do we substitute it with a memorial stone and small tower? What about The Arch of St Louis? Maybe replace it with low wall commemorating those who died inside it?

I didn't think so. We'd rebuild them, wouldn't we?

So why is it we are so deadset on building some goofy looking tower in place of the WTC?

Go here.

Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/19/2004 at 12:16 PM   
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Give The People What They Want!!

Do you believe that we should give the people what they want? I do not. People are inherently greedy, many are stupid (especially socialist dummycraps.)


In one instance where I am proud to waer the label of and be called a hypocrite, I think the United States government has an obligation to do whatever it can, use whatever resources are at its disposal, and spare no expense at complying with this man's demand.

The man?

Muqtada al-Sadr.

He rebuffed Iraqi government demands to lay down all arms and said,
"Either martyrdom or victory"

I say we give him martyrdom. What say you? Pull the troops away from that Holy Piece of Shit Shrine and drop a daisy cutter on top of it. Then release the vultures and other carrion eaters.

Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/19/2004 at 09:55 AM   
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Girly Men Found---In Germany!

In an effort to continue the further emasculation of men, Germans has started outfitting their toilets with gadgets that yell at the men if they try and pee standing up.

I guess the feminists and girly-men politicians want all men to sit down to pee. Next thing you know they'll set up clinics for men to have their penises removed surgically if they are caught standing up.

Anyway, there is a version of this thing in English which says,
"Don't you go wetting this floor cowboy, you never know who's behind you. So sit down, get your water pistol in the bowl where it belongs. Ha, ha, ha."

Yeah, real funny.

As in all efforts to societally change people, this version only activates if you LIFT the seat. The next version will probably feature a small camera that catches a person facing the toilet with the seat down and will chastise him for not sitting. Then come loud alarms and klaxons, then fines and jail sentences for violating women's rights and societal directives, then the amputations.

If I were German I'd start by pissing with the seat down and REALLY making a mess. Barring that, I'd bring a small hammer to the toilet and destroy the thing.

Fucking Europeans! Girly men, all of them.

Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler   United States  on 08/19/2004 at 09:40 AM   
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